Eating and drinking experience

Create products that score high in sensory appeal

From the first foamy sip of a rich beer or a thirst-quenching cider to the last satisfying crunch of a celery stick drenched in blue cheese sauce, drinking and eating are fundamental joys of life. Whether it’s an extra-thick, pulpy fruit smoothie or a tantalizing bowl of steaming springy noodles, we can help you make the consumer eating experience deliciously unforgettable.

Bringing your vision to life and making your formulation goals a reality is at the heart of everything we do at Ingredion. With our broad portfolio of in-demand ingredients and formulation expertise, you can surprise and excite consumers with new and unique textures that will push past the expected. Or you can comfort them with the familiar tastes and aromas of home. Because of our tested experience, we know the experiences and appeal our unmatched portfolio can deliver.

For example, we are able to link the snacking experiences of people who like crunchy or chewy to our innovative ingredient solutions. In yoghurt, we also can change end products from cuttable and squeezable to spoonable and drinkable by simply changing the texture systems. We call this approach CONSUMER-CENTRICITY™ design, in which the consumer-preferred eating and drinking experiences completely shape the formulations.

We are ready to help. Collaborate with us to find revolutionary ways to enhance the consumer appeal of your products and accelerate your growth.

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