Pursuit of Health

An insights-led series that examines the latest consumer food trends and how they impact food innovation

At Ingredion, we develop deep regional consumer insights and expertise to help you decode the consumer preference unique to your brand. We are your ideal partner in developing the future of food, from drawing relevant insights to fuel innovation, to using our expertise and skills to help you turn opportunities into real solutions that consumers love. We tap into our proprietary insights to uncover the latest consumer food trends and the opportunities they bring for food manufacturers.

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Snacking season

Indulgent, tasty, AND nutritious – consumers want it all in their snacks. Learn more about the snacking habits of the modern consumer.

The Pursuit of Health

Deliver snacks that are formulated to meet your consumer's every crave

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The infinite possibilities of yoghurt

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Consumer trends that are shaping the demand for food

Asian-Pacific consumers are seeking food that complement their lifestyles. These trends are shaping up consumer demands, and in turn, presenting opportunities food manufacturers must leverage to win over the hearts and minds of consumers.

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Holistic health

Balancing taste AND well-being

More Asian-Pacific consumers are prioritising health and wellness when they make their food choices. So much so that 1 in 4 consumers chose mood-boosting food and beverages in the past 12 months.1 Consumers have increasingly complex expectations for the food they eat — from clean label, sugar and sodium-reduced, protein fortifying, nutrition, to health and wellness — all without sacrificing taste and textures. It is a daunting task to keep up with them all — we show how food manufacturers can find solutions that satisfy all the ANDs.

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Affordable nutritive treats

Healthy AND affordable foods

Now more than ever, food manufacturers need to understand where consumers draw their line of compromise. Even as consumers are looking to spend more efficiently on food, health and eating experience (taste and textures) remain features consumers are keeping an eye on. "Functional ingredients that boost physical health" is listed as the third most important benefit consumers will not mind paying more for.1 Explore concepts that leverage value-added reformulations without compromising the benefits consumers want.

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Restaurant at home

Putting together indulgent, tasty AND convenient eating experiences at home

Home-based dining is set to become a norm. Rising costs, new habits formed during the pandemic, and a focus on health are reasons home eating occasions are here to stay. With 72% of consumers saying that they try out new recipes at least a few times a month,1 consumers are looking for new yet convenient ways to dish up nutritious and indulgent meals at home that give them the elevated eating experience of restaurants and cafes. Explore how you can bundle up a meal that gives consumers an eating experience that ticks all the right boxes!

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Innovative new textures

Create a bite that indulges AND excites

Consumers, especially the younger ones, are ready to be experimental with their food and beverages, with 60% of Gen Zs and Millennials agreeing that they want to be more adventurous with their food and beverage choices.1 Textures can define the quality of an eating experience. Innovate with new textures that elevate the eating experience for your consumers.


Do good, for yourself AND the environment

As consumers become more conscious of the impact they have on the world, they look for ways to consume ethically and choose what’s good for themselves and the planet. In fact, 69% of consumers globally say they prefer products that mention the benefits of their sourcing/farming methods on the pack.2 We spotlight our sustainability initiatives and the solutions that come from our sustainable sources, which still bring out the taste and textures your consumers love.


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2. Innova Top Ten Trends for 2023

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Spotlight on trending food categories

We keep a watch on trending food categories, highlight opportunities and innovation possibilities with Ingredion.

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Yoghurt has become the preferred food that APAC consumers turn to for an indulgent eating occasion.

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Indulgent, tasty, AND nutritious – consumers want it all in their snacks.

Catch up on the insightful discussions, engaging concepts and innovative ideas that were shared during our Snacking from Day to Night webinar. Explore our webinar resources to create your ideal snack today.

Elevated eating experiences at home

Eating at home has become a new norm and is increasingly popular even in the post-pandemic era.​ Consumers want their meals at home to be enjoyable and sumptuous like how it is dining in a restaurant, they also want healthier options AND easy-to assemble solutions.​

Watch our cooking talk show and download our brochure for ideas and insights on how our ready meal solutions can elevate your consumers’ eating experiences.​

Insights-led themes

We share our take on making food better and tastier, addressing the complex needs of today’s consumers. We explore insights-led themes and assess what they mean for food manufacturers across the Asia-Pacific region, with details on how we can partner with food manufacturers to accelerate innovation and capture the hearts and minds of consumers.

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Indulgent eating for stress relief

Indulgent Eating for Stress Relief examines the link between food and mental wellness, and how this drives food innovation. Here, we uncover three key opportunities for food manufacturers.

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Snacking for health-cautious consumers

Uncover trends and opportunities that help accelerate your innovation for snacks that health-cautious consumers crave.

Discover innovative concepts for healthy snacks in Ingredion’s snacking solutions brochure. Kickstart your journey to meet consumer lifestyle demands with our insights and expertise.

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The rise of plant-based ready meals

Open new markets by turning everyday convenience food into plant-based products and tap into the rising consumer demographic of flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans in the region.

Deliver what’s next in the market for convenient and ready-to-eat meals — with a plant-based twist! Innovate and reach new markets with products that delight consumers.

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Ingredion's commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do

At Ingredion, we aim to make each bite more sustainable by ensuring our products are farmed and sourced sustainably while empowering our grower partners with digital technology.

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Honest consumption

Today, consumers pay more attention to how food ingredients are grown and processed. One clear way forward is a clean label approach — utilising ingredients that consumers recognise and feel good about choosing. By formulating with familiar consumer-preferred ingredients, manufacturers can position their brands to win with a growing group of consumers willing to pay more for the clean label products that match their values — and enable their brands to capture tangible gains in revenue, margin and pricing.

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