Pursuit of Health

An insights-led series that looks into the latest consumer food trends and how they impact food innovation

Food lies at the heart of our pursuit of health

Globally, consumers are re-evaluating and re-inventing how they approach health and wellness. Beyond the absence of diseases, consumers are looking at a more holistic approach to health and overall well-being.

Whether it’s the demand for more convenient food options, the desire for elevated food experiences, the cravings for guilt-free indulgence or the need for clean, environmentally-friendly alternatives, consumers are actively seeking food products that do more than just provide nutrition. As part of their pursuit of health, they want food and beverages to provide functional benefits and be sustainable.

This translates into a challenging task for food manufacturers, who have to address a wide and demanding range of consumer concerns – all without losing their go-to-market momentum.

Ingredion presents Pursuit of Health

Pursuit of Health is Ingredion's take on how we can make food better and tastier, while addressing the complex needs of today’s consumers.

We explore insights-led themes and assess what these mean for food manufacturers across the Asia Pacific region, with details on how we can partner with food manufacturers to accelerate innovation and capture the hearts and minds of consumers.

Indulgent eating for stress relief

Our first theme, Indulgent Eating for Stress Relief, examines the link between food and mental wellness, and how this drives food innovation. Here, we uncover three key opportunities for food manufacturers.

Permissive indulgence

With a heightened awareness on health and a need for indulgence to sustain their mental wellbeing, consumers are looking for indulgence with none (or little) of the guilt.

Focus on rest and body

Consumers expect food to deliver more than basic nutrition. They also seek food options that can fortify their body with vitamins, or other supplements that maintain their mental wellness.

Elevated eating experiences at home

Consumers are recreating indulgent restaurant experiences in the comfort of their home. These unique and enjoyable food adventures relieve stress as they offer respite from the monotony of longer hours spent at home.

Trend report

We analyse the growing trend that establishes the relationship between food and mental wellness, and how this will drive food innovation in various categories.

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Snacking without guilt

Uncover trends and opportunities that help accelerate your innovation for snacks.

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The Pursuit of Health

Snacking occasions are on the rise, with health-cautious consumers reaching for snacks more frequently throughout the day.

As health is their key priority, consumers look for an array of benefits from the snacks they purchase, including:

  • Healthier options such as reduced sugar and sodium
  • Added health benefits that include protein and fibre
  • Enhanced sensory experiences with unique textures and mouthfeel

What does this mean for the future of snacking?

Discover innovative concepts for healthy snacks in Ingredion’s snacking solutions brochure. Kickstart your journey to meet consumer lifestyle demands with our insights and expertise.

The rise of plant-based ready meals

As demand for plant protein reaches new heights, opportunities abound for food manufacturers who are innovative and bold. The chance to turn everyday convenience food into plant-based products opens up new markets by tapping into the rising consumer demographic of flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans in the region.

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