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Food and beverage developers are constantly working to innovate their formulations to align with their labeling goals, which in turn meet the requirements of consumers. Whether it is the need for a plant-based, enhanced protein or reduced sugar product, or even an ingredient substitution due to supply shortage, formulators have their hands full protecting the integrity of their end product.

Working with Ingredion empowers food and beverage developers to reduce complexity in operations so they can focus on what they do best. Our experts are able to work in synergy with your team to understand your product formulation needs, optimising them to take your innovations from whiteboard to reality faster. We’re with you at every step of the journey to accelerate your product innovation success.

1. Indispensable partner — access unrivaled R&D capabilities to solve formulation challenges without slowing down development time

Needs-driven approach helps you precisely deliver on your requirements and meet consumer demands.

  • Proprietary insights and understanding
  • Market-leading product knowledge and formulating experience to set you apart
  • Expert technical support to speed the way forward

2. Catalyst for growth — rely on a solutions partner with a flexible, agnostic approach to access independent global ingredients in addition to a broad portfolio of products

Ingredion Food Systems connects you to an expansive range of ingredient systems and innovative ingredients to help you lead with in-demand, on-trend products. Our comprehensive portfolio opens new options for solutions that are best for you. Our team is committed to an ingredient-agnostic approach, to serve your specific label goals and functionality needs.

3. Innovation reimagined — confidently innovate the complete formulation challenge from ideation to launch

  • Product consistency and quality for reliable performance
  • Expanding your ability to accelerate innovation
  • Strong supply chain minimises your risks
  • Agile manufacturing capabilities enable speed, control and efficiencies

“How can I extend our R&D capabilities to solve the challenges that slow us down?”

In concert with your development team, we work to understand the many complexities of your formulation and market challenge — and put together the right ingredient system that delivers optimal results for your needs, such as:

  • Extending shelf life stability with stabiliser systems
  • Improving mouthfeel with texturiser systems
  • Delivering high-protein appeal and plant-based protein alternatives with protein plus stabiliser systems
  • Reducing sugar while maintaining taste and texture with sweetener and functional build-back systems
  • Enhancing consumer appeal with label-friendly systems
  • Creating nutritionally balanced solutions
  • Achieving unrivalled performance from taste to texture

“Where can I find a well-connected solutions partner with the full breadth of portfolio and flexible, agnostic approach to handle my needs?”

Comprehensive, continually tested ingredient system toolkit is backed by Ingredion’s leading portfolio, to enable highly tailored recommendations — and we’re continually expanding our portfolio to help answer the demand for new and differentiated options for your formulas:

  • Starch-based texturisers
  • Clean and simple ingredients
  • Plant-based proteins
  • Sugar reduction and specialty sweeteners
  • Hydrocolloids

“Who can help reduce the complexity in manufacturing while providing the speed and assurance I need?”

We bring a holistic understanding to ensure that your ingredient system delivers its intended functionality on a consistent, batch-to-batch basis.

Our quick-turn manufacturing capabilities and proactive stocking strategy help provide more flexibility for speedy turnarounds, greater supply reliability, and easy ability to scale production to meet market demand.

Ingredion’s global footprint and established supplier relationships help provide reliable access to supply, fewer risks, and the benefits of our global purchasing power.

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