Fibre enrichment

The message is loud and clear — fibre is essential to our health and well-being. Today, a great number of consumers are seeking fibre in everything from breakfast cereals and snacks to side dishes and beverages.

You can create the fibre-rich products consumers are searching for with help from Ingredion. Our nutrition experts will steer you to the right choices in our broad portfolio of in-demand fibres — carefully chosen or developed with your needs in mind — to answer consumers’ top health concerns.

When you work with Ingredion, our teams of technical, market experts can help you design fibre-rich products consumers will love and come back for. We have the tested experience and formulation expertise you need to get your products to market faster. Let our nutrition team be your dedicated guide for claims, substantiation, label requirements and more.

Proven fibre solutions


Provide fibre and other benefits to cookies, muffins, cakes, soft baked bars with multi-benefit FIBERTEX® CF 102


Provide fibre and other benefits to dressings, table sauces and processed meats with multi-benefit FIBERTEX® CF 502


Deliver just-right taste, texture and even lower calories — without impacting appeal — with our type 4 resistant starches, both of which are Low FODMAP Certified, NOVELOSE® 3490 tapioca-based dietary fibre.


Provide fibre and protein with VITESSENCE® plant-based protein concentrates and HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours


VERSAFIBE® 285 is a versatile soluble corn fibre to build back texture in sugar reduced products from dairy products, bakery to beverages. 

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