Sugar reduction and specialty sweeteners

Innovate with sweet taste and full functionality

Creating indulgent taste without the sugar

With 76% of global consumers saying that limiting sugar intake is important for their health,1 food and beverage brands must prioritise solutions for sugar substitutes that don’t negatively affect taste, texture and stability. What’s more, consumers are also holding brands more accountable for sustainability, with 66% believing that brands should be doing more to protect the planet.2

Ingredion helps manufacturers meet both challenges head-on with the applications know-how and a comprehensive sugar alternatives portfolio that allows manufacturers to create market-winning reduced sugar and no-sugar-added products quickly — and with just-right taste, texture and label appeal.

PureCircle Stevia Solutions

PureCircle by Ingredion offers the most comprehensive portfolio of ingredients founds in the stevia leaf to help brands find the just right clean taste for their product. With industry-leading innovations in production technologies, agriculture, taste modulation and clean sweet taste, plant-based PureCircle stevia ingredients can help you create consumer-winning products without the sugar or the calories.

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Stevia’s sweet sustainability

Brands that provide healthier products that are also better for our planet are capturing the attention of consumers; and stevia helps them do it. Made with innovative production practices and featuring a natural sweetness intensity similar to traditional sweeteners, stevia is one sugar substitute that yields more sugar-like taste with an environmentally friendly story.

Close-up of raw stevia with stevia leaf

The Sugar Reduction LCA

Discover how Pure Circle by Ingredion elevates the sustainability of sugar reduction. Our Sugar Reduction Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) highlights how stevia compares — and wins — against other sweeteners across multiple environmental impact metrics.

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Webinar: Achieve sustainable sugar reduction

Ingredion’s application knowledge and comprehensive portfolio can help you create great-tasting products without all the sugar and advance your brand’s sustainability goals.

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Sugar reduction and specialty sweeteners

Naturally sweet Reb M stevia is nearly identical to sugar

When sweetness can’t be sacrificed, Reb M shines through. An intensely sweet ingredient occurring naturally in the stevia leaf with zero calories and a nearly identical taste profile to sugar, Reb M lets consumers have their cake and eat it, too (without the sugar, of course).

Lemonade with lemon and mint garnish

Better-tasting Reb M

Reb M stevia doesn’t just taste better than Reb A — it’s more accessible, too. Learn how Ingredion uses innovative extraction technologies to make Reb M readily available for brands of all sizes.

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Functional build-back in sugar reduction

When sugar enhances sensory perception in a formulation, replacing it means finding a solution for more than just sweetness. Replace the texture and mouthfeel of sugar with alternative sweeteners that enhance better-for-you-appeal and heighten consumer eating experiences. Watch our video on functional build-back and then explore how Ingredion makes it happen using the ingredients below.

Sugar reduction and specialty sweeteners

Ingredion experts can help you pair sugar substitutes with the right ingredients


Our range of sweeteners can help you deliver sugar-like taste profiles with the mouthfeel of sugar — with fewer calories and simpler labels.

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The Stevia Institute

Stevia Institute provides the latest in balanced, science-based information and advanced cutting-edge research on stevia's health and nutrition, agriculture, ingredient functionality and taste benefits.

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Various types of ice cream

Deliciously sustainable stevia

Discover how Ingredion is using stevia innovation to deliver better tasting sugar reduction solutions, which are better for people and the planet.

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Add a finishing touch to taste with FMPs

To improve taste while solving better-for-you challenges, Ingredion’s consultative flavour enhancement service offers a full portfolio of flavorings with modifying properties (FMPs). FMPs fall under natural flavour declarations and are powerful ingredients in any formulator’s playbook — helping to mask off-notes, highlight natural flavors or enhance saltiness with less sodium.

Overhead shot of various pastries

Put taste on top

Discover our full capabilities for improving taste, finding flavour synergies and solving for better-for-you product challenges across any formulation need.

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Sugar reduction resources

Explore the resources below and connect with our experts to solve any sugar reduction challenge.

Small chocolate cake with berries

Explore our sweetener portfolio

Learn about Ingredion’s full spectrum of sweetener solutions and sugar substitutes, including clean label and sustainable stevia, low-sugar syrups and fully nutritive traditional sweeteners.

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Close-up of sorbet with berries

Challenges of reducing sugar

Have a sugar reduction or specialty sweetener challenge to solve? Our expertise and tools for formulations, taste and sensory science offer revolutionary ways to hit your targets and accelerate growth across categories.

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Let’s make your goals a reality

As experts in taste, texture and sensory science, Ingredion can help you make your brands healthier while still delivering the same eating experience your consumers love.

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1Ingredion proprietary research, Sugar Reduction Insights Program Power BI Dashboard, 2022

2The road to sustainability, FMCG Gurus, 2022