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Identifying new opportunities in the fast-growing sports nutrition category

Formulating for success in sports nutrition

With positive lifestyle associations that appeal to health-aware consumers, sports nutrition is well positioned to cross over successfully into more mainstream food and beverage categories.

Category boundaries are blurring. This is creating new opportunities as well as new challenges in meeting the demand for better tasting sports drinks, as consumers expect the same great eating and drinking experience in sports nutrition as they do in wider food and beverage products.

Overcome your formulation challenges with Ingredion

Collaborate with us to meet key trends in sports nutrition successfully and formulate sports drinks that offer the ideal taste, texture, nutritional appeal and functionality.

Our formulation experts can help:

  • Formulate balanced, sugar-like sweetness with zero added sugar
  • Improve mouthfeel, texture, and solubility even in deep sugar reductions
  • Optimise sweetness and reduce off-notes and bitterness
  • Enhance flavours for better tasting functional sports nutrition products

Transform your products with Ingredion's low-sugar solutions

Are you feeling the pressure to reduce sugar content but unsure where to start? Concerned about taste, texture, affordability? Ingredion has the solution.

With the surge in health consciousness in Asia driving demand for low-sugar drinks, we can help manufacturers develop great-tasting, sugar-reduced products – ensuring a healthier option without sacrificing flavours and quality.

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Explore stevia sweeteners with PureCircle™ by Ingredion

PureCircle by Ingredion is the leading producer and innovator of stevia leaf ingredients for the global food and beverage industry. Meet growing consumer demand for great-tasting, low sugar and calorie-reduced products with our portfolio of stevia sweeteners.

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