Ready meals

Reinvent ready meals to elevate the home dining experience and achieve labels consumers love

Deliver an elevated home dining experience

In the post-COVID era, consumers actively seek home-cooked meals that aim for exceptional taste and quality, going beyond convenience. 78% of consumers are willing to pay extra for products that offer an experience similar to restaurants.1 This highlights significant opportunities for manufacturers to create ready meals that can elevate the home dining experience.

Consumers are also in pursuit of chef-inspired, easy-to-prepare AND nutritious options across the refrigerated, frozen, and shelf-stable categories, which present resource and budget management challenges for formulators.

Leverage our solutions to co-create a diverse range of ready meals. From crispy chicken strips that maintain the crispiness of coatings to clean label pasta enriched with dietary fibre.

Ingredion's solutions can help formulators meet consumer expectations AND efficiently address their own requirements:

Tasty.​ Nutritious.​ Convenient.

Watch our cooking talk show and download our brochure for ideas and insights on how our ready meal solutions can elevate your consumers’ eating experiences at home.

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1. Innova proprietary 360 value research, Dec 2022