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When time is tight — convenience is key. From busy working parents who need to serve meals quickly to college students cramming for an exam, consumers everywhere need convenient products that work flawlessly and can be served easily, every time.

Create a frozen rice pilaf that thaws evenly and fluffs to nutty perfection or an instant pudding that stirs to chocolaty goodness because of NOVATION® functional starches. Deliver microwaveable soups that retain home-style textures or personal care products that pump from convenient bottles — without clogging or clumping.

No matter what the application, consumers flock to products that offer an enjoyable experience and are easy to prepare or use. Ingredion has what you need to deliver what’s next — efficiently and effectively. With our broad portfolio of in-demand ingredients, deep formulation expertise, and teams of technical and market experts, you’ll have everything you need to stay ahead of trends and deliver products that score high on quality, convenience and portability. 

Together, we can make convenience seem effortless. Collaborate with us today to bring your vision to life. 

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