Non-alcoholic beverages

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Design delicious-tasting non-alcoholic beverages

The recent 'sober-curious' trend has driven brands to respond to consumer demand by introducing beverages that offer diverse flavours while maintaining lower alcohol content. In the Asia-Pacific region, launches of alcohol-free beverages have surpassed global trends over the last five years.1

Tap into this growing opportunity and get ahead of your competition with consumer-winning low and no alcohol beverages that find the perfect balance between taste AND cost efficiency.

Overcome your formulation challenges

Ingredion combines science-based problem-solving expertise with an extensive range of innovative ingredient solutions to help manufacturers in the beverages sector overcome the most critical formulation challenges.

Our formulation experts can help: 

  • Formulate balanced, sugar-like sweetness with zero added sugar  
  • Improve mouthfeel, texture, and solubility even in deep sugar reductions
  • Optimise sweetness and reduce off-notes and bitterness
  • Enhance flavours for a consumer-preferred taste

Transform your products with Ingredion's low-sugar solutions

Are you feeling the pressure to reduce sugar content but unsure where to start? Concerned about taste, texture, affordability? Ingredion has the solution.

With the surge in health consciousness in Asia driving demand for low-sugar drinks, we can help manufacturers develop great-tasting, sugar-reduced products – ensuring a healthier option without sacrificing flavours and quality.

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Non-alcoholic, no added sugar cocktails

Reimagining classic cocktails with no added sugar, tapping most influential trends.

Collaborate with us to leverage our industry-leading portfolio of solutions to help you overcome your formulation challenges and get your products to market faster.

Video: Non-alcoholic, no added sugar cosmopolitan cocktail

A sweet cosmopolitan recipe with a hint of tangy lime, hitting all the notes just like the original. Utilising Reb M to provide a clean and balanced sweetness that compliments the flavour profile.

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Video: Non-alcoholic, no added sugar mojito cocktail

This zesty mojito recipe, with refreshing notes of citrus and cooling mint, tastes like the real thing! Utilising Reb M to provide a clean and balanced sweetness that compliments the flavour profile.

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Explore stevia sweeteners with PureCircle™ by Ingredion

PureCircle by Ingredion is the leading producer and innovator of stevia leaf ingredients for the global food and beverage industry. Meet growing consumer demand for great-tasting, low sugar and calorie-reduced products with our portfolio of stevia sweeteners.

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Extensive formulation capabilities. Broad portfolio of sweeteners, flavour modifiers and texturisers. Market research and consumer insights. Discover how we can help you develop what’s next in non-alcoholic beverages.

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1. Innova database, Financial Express, LinkedIn