Go plant-based with pulse proteins

Pulse proteins - a force of nature

The future of protein is plant-based ­— and pulses lead the way. These nutritional wonders are rich in protein and fibre, free of GMOs and allergens. They enable clean labels and on-trend claims that set your products apart and strengthen their appeal, especially for consumers exploring beyond soy and wheat protein.

That's why Ingredion’s ever-growing portfolio of plant-based proteins includes isolates, concentrates and flours made from sustainable and natural  ingredients like peas, lentils, faba beans, chickpeas and more.

And it's why we've invested in new manufacturing facilities to bring you a sustainable, functional and reliable portfolio. We make pulse flours and proteins easy to work with — so you can produce products with great taste, texture and appearance.

Plant the future

Watch and discover how Ingredion is reshaping the future of plant-based proteins.

The future for protein is plant-based

Watch this video to hear about how Ingredion has invested into our collective future, in line with our purpose to make life better. 

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Navigating the new plant-based world

Watch to hear about how Ingredion’s technical capabilities in plant protein can help accelerate your innovations and gain speed to market. 

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Meat alternatives with plant-based proteins

Watch this video to kickstart your innovation with plant-based meat alternatives.

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Experience the future of plant-based protein

Ingredion is committed to lead the way for a plant-based future. Explore our new protein plant in South Sioux City, Nebraska, USA, and hear from industry leaders and innovators during this notable panel discussion from our plant’s grand opening.

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Jump start your innovation process with our plant-based formulations

Tap into Ingredion's expertise and ingredient solutions to create consumer appealing, on-trend products and be at the forefront of our world’s shift to more plant-based proteins. From our extensive portfolio to our insights and research, to our centres of excellence for plant-based dairy and meat products, we put our strong formulation capabilities and ingredients portfolio to work to set your products apart. Here are just a few areas where we're helping customers break through with plant proteins:

Plant-based meat alternatives

On-trend and consumer-ready formulation for meat alternatives.

Plant-based dairy alternatives

Plant-based protein fortified baked goods

Get a headstart with our plant-based baked goods formulation.

Connect to create: The consumer shift into plant-based diets

Plant-based lifestyles are taking centre stage, revolutionising consumption behavior, foodservices and retail shelves alike. A shift towards a diet that is healthier, more sustainable and animal friendly has been evident globally, but is it the same for consumers in Asia-Pacific?

What health benefits do consumers expect from their protein intake and sources? Where do we see opportunities with plant-based proteins?

Join Chris Weng, Regional Growth Platform leader for Plant-based Proteins at Ingredion Asia-Pacific, where she will present consumer insights on this growing trend, and how pulse proteins are well positioned to ride this wave.

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Let Ingredion’s formulation expertise and dedicated alternative-meat and alternative-dairy centres of excellence help you discover revolutionary ways to accelerate growth and stay ahead of what’s next. 

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