NOVATION® functional native rice starches

Create rich and indulgent textures with the power of NOVATION® rice starches

To understand how you could achieve excellent texture stability over shelf-life and a clean label, download our NOVATION® rice starch factsheet.

Our NOVATION® rice starches appear simply as ‘rice starch’ on the ingredients list, and are designed to help manufacturers create products that stay rich and creamy over their shelf- life. These clean label ingredients are ideal for products such as fruit preparations, soups, sauces and ready meals.

Key benefits to manufacturers include:

  • Excellent stability over shelf-life
  • Medium to high process tolerance to meet your needs
  • Consumer friendly rice label

Ingredion’s NOVATION® range of multifunctional clean label starches offers the broadest range of functionality in the marketplace. Offering low to high process tolerance and texture stability over shelf-life, these products are available in organic varieties and as cook-up or cold water swelling starches. Our rice starches are a powerful addition to our extensive existing portfolio of ingredients produced from a variety of different bases such as corn, potato and tapioca. This allows us to meet the diverse needs of our customers and the increasing expectations of discerning consumers.

To find out what you could achieve with the power of our NOVATION® rice starches, download the factsheet now.

NOVATION® Rice Starches

Superior texture stability with a clean label.

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