PURITY® Bio organic native starches

Convert to an attractive “organic” corn, rice or tapioca starch label

Achieve organic labeling in food and beverages

Organic food sales are on the rise, outpacing total food sales growth as consumers continue to demand certified products that align with their values and lifestyle. This growth corresponds to consumers' perception of certified organic products as healthier, more nutritious and better for the environment. Switching out native starches for organic versions is an easy “win” for many manufacturers looking to strengthen the appeal of their products.

How can you easily replace native starches in existing products and develop new products to enhance product appeal and cost savings potential?

The PURITY Bio range of organic native starches enables you to increase the appeal of your product labels by replacing waxy rice or tapioca starches with certified organic native starches. In food systems, PURITY Bio organic native starches impart a bland flavor and can be dropped into the same food processes where it’s conventional (non-organic) native starch counterparts are used, without any change in functionality or formulation. The new organic native starches are ideal for a wide variety of organic food applications, including:

  • Yogurt (dairy and alternative dairy)
  • Soup, sauces, dressings
  • Frozen and refrigerated ready-meals
  • Meats, batters and breadings
  • Bakery and confectionery (gummies)

PURITY Bio 301 organic native tapioca starch exhibits a smooth, short texture when hot, set to an opaque gel when cooled (7% concentration) and forms a strong gel after cooled in a cooked dispersion.

PURITY Bio 805 organic native waxy rice starch offers superior freeze/thaw stability, high viscosity, excellent water-holding capability, strong adhesion and binding properties, and is characterized by a white colour and bland flavour. The  starches can be labeled simply as “organic tapioca starch” and “organic rice starch” respectively.

“PURITY® Bio organic native starches deliver functionality in place of traditional native starches — no special preparation or equipment needed.”

Patrick O’Brien, platform leader for Clean & Simple 

Be preferred

According to Ingredion’s proprietary research on organic packaged foods, organic consumers inspect nutrition labels, ingredient lists and package claims — and make purchase decisions based on what they see. The study also revealed that:

  • 95% of organic consumers make purchase decisions based on a products’ ingredients
  • 94% read nutrition labels when deciding which products to purchase
  • 87% pay attention to health-related claims on food and beverage packages.

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