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UNI-PURE® IMF starches

Successful infant formula begins with starch

Deliver specialist nutrition for infants with Ingredion solutions

From birth and as they grow, optimal nutrition is essential to a baby’s development. Experts agree that breastfeeding remains the gold standard in infant nutrition, but medical or lifestyle factors often lead mothers to opt for the next best option – infant milk formula.

Parents are understandably discerning when it comes to choosing which formula to feed their baby. Safety is a prerequisite. And for busy parents, quick, easy preparation is essential. A smooth texture and natural appearance are also important characteristics. The challenge for infant formula manufacturers is to meet all these requirements simultaneously.

Our infant nutrition ingredients provide a range of functions to help you address specific challenges. A selection of some of our most popular ingredients is provided below. Our technical team are on-hand to answer any product- or application-related questions you may have.

UNI-PURE® IMF​ starches are produced from maize or rice and manufactured to the highest microbiological standards. These products deliver viscosity and can be used in products for infants with particular dietary requirements. 

Specialty starches for infant formula applications

Formulated to provide viscosity, texture and safety in infant formula, Ingredion's UNI-PURE® IMF portfolio includes starch-based texturisers that can be used across all matrices:

  • Casein dominant
  • Whey protein dominant
  • Based on hydrolysed proteins