Clean label - Functional Native Starches

Signal quality with clean labels 

Clean labels are becoming increasingly important to consumers as their focus on health and wellness continues to grow. People want to know exactly what’s going into their food. That’s why you need simple recipes, with ingredients they recognize and trust. 

As the pioneer in clean label ingredients, Ingredion offers the broadest range of specialty clean label starch solutions available. Having identified the clean label trend in its infancy, we can help you get the functionality you seek while offering the natural, organic and recognizable ingredient options consumers demand. 

We have tested experience and formulation expertise in a wide range of applications — from creamy, Greek-style yogurts to flavorful sauces — and from indulgent baked goods to refreshing beverages. Our broad portfolio of functional native starches can bring you the textural qualities and processing stability benefits you need — with the advantage of a simple, consumer-friendly label.

For example, our NOVATION® line of functional starches appears on labels as “corn starch” — a familiar and trusted ingredient — and includes certified organic and verified non-GMO ingredients. We have over 25 NOVATION clean label starches that can help you formulate on-trend, clean label products rich in texture and taste, across a wide range of applications — even in challenging applications like dairy desserts, salad dressings and more. 

Whatever your clean label challenge, we are here to help. From regulatory and formulation expertise to consumer insights and cost savings — Ingredion’s teams of technical and market experts can provide you with the solutions you need — with unapparelled efficiency and cost savings — so you can push past the expected.

What is clean label?

Ingredion’s de​finiton of clean label is based on customer and consumer insights. This definition supports:

A bowl of white soup with a vegetable garnish and bread on the side

Free from additives

Remove or replace food additives

A quiche on a board with a slice cut out

A simple ingredient listing

Choose recognizable ingredients that don’t sound like they’re artificial or contain chemicals 

Two glasses of yoghurt with red fruit and granola

Minimally processed

Process foods using traditional techniques that are understood by consumers and ​not perceived as being artificial​​​​​