Non-nutritive sweeteners

Create sweetness without calories

When does zero mean a whole lot more? When Ingredion’s non-nutritive sweeteners are used in your products. Our broad portfolio of in-demand ingredients — including the largest offering of non-GMO sweeteners available today — has everything you need to future-proof your business. 

Swap out calories for delicious taste with simple labels. Deliver the just-right sensory appeal consumers demand — from first bite to swallow. Reduce or eliminate sugar and calories entirely, and we’ll help you build back what’s lost — so you can still offer the same textures and consistency consumers love. 

Ingredion’s line of naturally derived PURECIRCLE stevia sweeteners are extracted from pure stevia leaves. For even higher levels of sugar reduction, explore our BIo Reb M 90 stevia leaf sweetener. This 95% pure Reb M originates from the stevia leaf and offers significantly less bitterness and aftertaste than conventional, stevia-derived alternatives. 

Ingredion's flavour modulator range can also help with overall sweetness, flavour and mouthfeel enhancement in a wider range of applications.

Using our extensive selection of specialty polyols, you can add sweetness and bulk with about half the calories. And our DULCENT™ sucralose sweetener can help you achieve your sweetness, functionality and cost savings goals in a wide variety of applications. Let our teams of technical and market experts help you choose an ideal solution for your needs or create a perfect blend of sweeteners for cost savings. 

Discover how our formulation expertise can help you create innovative, sweet-tasting foods and beverages that push past the expected. Collaborate with us today and discover how we can help bring your vision to life.  

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