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Consumers in all segments are demanding higher levels of quality. That means your products need to offer specific and differentiated functional benefits to meet their quality expectations. At Ingredion Idea Labs innovation centers around the world, our teams of technical and market experts are focused on improving quality and performance — in every industry we serve.

Our broad portfolio of ingredients can help you differentiate your products with the functional benefits you need to bring your vision to life. In beverages, our high-efficiency PURITY GUM® Ultra emulsifier can help you achieve excellent product stability throughout shelf life — in a wide range of applications and storage conditions — even clear beverages.

The latest addition to our HOMECRAFT® tapioca flours delivers exceptional process tolerance and is ideal for recipes that undergo harsh processing conditions. And our NOVATION PRIMA® starch as well as HOMECRAFT tapioca flours offer excellent freeze-thaw stability over multiple cycles.

In food packaging, our innovative solutions can help you create oxygen barriers that keep products fresher longer. And our papermaking and corrugating specialty starches enable greater wet strength and improved end-use performance.

No matter what the application, our industry-changing ingredients can help define the quality of your foods, with great texture that lasts throughout shelf life, sweetness that holds true during processing, and health and nutrition that deliver the benefits claimed.

What does your product need to do better? What technical challenges are hindering the performance of your brands? Ingredion’s experts are here to help you find new ways to win your markets. With our deep formulation expertise, unmatched ingredients and tested experience, we have just what you need to innovate and accelerate your growth.

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