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We understand your business. When it comes to product labels, less is more. Today’s consumers want to make the best choices for themselves and their families. They want to bring home minimally processed products made from a simple list of ingredients — whether it’s foods and beverages or personal and home care .

Our technical innovation capabilities and scale-up expertise in the clean and simple space can get your products to market faster. With our formulation expertise and unmatched portfolio of ingredient solutions, including wholesome NOVATION® functional native starches,  HOMECRAFT® functional flours, FIBER® TEX citrus fibre, and TIC gums you can give consumers exactly what they’re looking for — with fewer, less processed ingredients and clean labels.

In personal care, you can offer hair conditioners with labels that almost sound as if they could be for foods. Work with us to unlock peak functionality with simple formulations. Your consumers will thank you for adding to the clean and simple world they want to inhabit. 

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Adding simplicity to the mix

To reflect continued changes in consumer views, the evolved clean label definition has been joined by a "simple label" definition — defined as having all the characteristics of clean label, plus:

  • Only made with ingredients that are highly accepted and expected by consumers in the specific food or beverage
  • Uses minimal number of ingredients to conform to culinary standards or traditional or authentic recipes
  • May include trade-offs to achieve simplicity (e.g., visual appeal, texture, shelf life) 
Clean label pudding cup with berries and syrup

Evolving meanings and expanding options

As the clean label movement has become mainstream, its meaning has expanded into consumer desires for sustainability, plant-based foods, low sugar, low-calorie options and ingredients known to promote good health.

In turn, we've grown our broader capabilities to help you deliver on these demands — including extending our core clean label texturiser lineups with exciting new options including:

  • Functional organic starches and flours made of corn, tapioca, rice and potato
  • An ever-expanding toolbox of pulse-based ingredients

The Business of Clean Label from Ingredion

We all know that clean label is good for consumers, but did you know it’s good for your business too? This video explores the advantages of a clean label approach. Incorporating clean label can support your commercial drivers and deliver healthy business returns.

The Business of Clean Label video preview
Natural and simple

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