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The unique taste and texture of fruit juice, without all the sugar. Moist, chewy cookies that are reduced in calories and entirely gluten-free. Pasta and noodles that are rich in protein but replace allergenic ingredients such as soy, wheat, dairy and eggs. Creamy white pasta sauce that’s rich in flavor but lower in fat.

Can consumers really have it all? Yes, they can, and so can you. With Ingredion ANZ Idea Labs™ innovation centre in Sydney, it’s easier than ever. Our innovation centers can also be found around the world and offer a proven record of speed and agility in prototyping and product launches.

With seamless communication and agile collaboration, we’ll help you reduce sugar, fat, calories, GMOs and allergens in your products while maintaining every bit of taste, texture and functionality. With a global reach and local knowledge, we are always finding revolutionary ways to accelerate your growth. Our industry-changing ingredient solutions combined with our teams of technical and market experts can help you stay ahead of nutrition trends.  

Deliver taste and texture without the sugar and fat

Create reduced-sugar beverages and dressings that people can’t distinguish from full-sugar versions. Provide delicious baked goods with lower calories and a balanced sweetness profile with our PURECIRCLE® range of sweeteners and flavour modulators.

Create reduced oil or egg dressings that consumers can’t differentiate from full-fat or full-egg versions. Offer a reduced-fat sour cream that matches the gold standard, or soup with the same indulgence of a full-fat product. The just-right thickness and body come from N-DULGE® and specific optimised texture systems.

Using our unmatched portfolio of starches, non-caloric sweeteners and fibres, we can assist you to get your products to market quickly — from glossy sauces and seemingly high-calorie side dishes to spoonable dressings and pulpy barbecue and tomato sauces. Our formulation expertise and technical innovation capabilities make it easy for you to transform your better-for-you products into next-generation, all-time favourites.

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