Drive appeal with organic claims

“Organic” is more than a buzzword; consumers perceive organic products to have been made responsibly, sustainably and safely.

Research shows that the global organic food and drink market could grow to USD $680 billion by 2027, and this trend shows no signs of stopping.  As "natural" claims proliferate, today's consumers have become more skeptical about their credibility — and look to organic certifications, traceability and transparency in their foods. But delivering the eating experiences and organic label claims consumers seek has challenges, from recipe development and processing hurdles to extracting the consumer insights that matter most.

When you partner with Ingredion, we can make your formulation goals a reality and help you create delicious, consumer-preferred organic foods with optimal sensory appeal. Here’s how Ingredion can help you get the most value and return from your organic investment:

  • Formulation and application expertise to overcome challenges
  • Consumer insights to create the most appeal
  • A broad portfolio of in-demand, certified organic ingredients, including NOVATION® functional native tapioca and corn starches as well as TIC by Ingredion range of organic gums and hydrolloids


Formulate consumer-preferred organic products

You’ve made the strategic decision to move to organic ingredients, but now you have to affordably create organic versions of your existing formulations or develop entirely new recipes, without dyes or pesticides.

Innovative thinking is in every aspect of our business. With over two-plus decades of clean label formulating experience, turn to Ingredion for end-to-end applications and formulation expertise.

  • Formulating for organic means knowing how to get the most from ingredients. Collaborate with our teams of technical and market experts to learn how you can achieve certified organic claims for your products without compromising on taste, texture and functionality
  • Draw on our concept-to-launch support through Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centers to move quickly from idea to finished product
  • Allow us to become your dedicated guide for everything from sensory and CULINOLOGY® to applications R&D, scale-up and regulatory to help translate your ideas into marketable prototypes

Where can we help you today?

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Boost your organic awareness with consumer insights 

Attitudes toward clean and simple labeling are evolving. Consider us your dedicated guide for understanding the drivers behind consumer preferences in foods and beverages.

We understand your business. With our ongoing ATLAS proprietary research program, Ingredion has been compiling in-depth insights on consumer attitudes — unapparelled in breadth and depth — to help you:

  • Unpack consumer expectations around "clean label" and "organic" packaging claims
  • Provide clarity into consumer ingredient preferences and perceptions to help you formulate more value-added appeal
  • Prioritize your product renovation and new product development efforts to align with consumer preferences more tightly
  • Identify the most cost-effective ways to distinguish your clean label and organic products