VITESSENCE™ Pulse CT 3602 faba bean protein

Add plant-based protein claims on your food labels to meet consumer demand for healthier food

Interest in plant-based protein has skyrocketed in recent years. Now, 1 in 3 consumers prefers non-animal protein.1 With the innovative clean-taste faba bean pulse protein, VITESSENCE™ Pulse CT 3602, you can capitalise on this trend and address growing consumer demand for plant-based products that are high in protein and fibre.

VITESSENCE™ Pulse CT 3602 uses a patented Clean Taste Technology that deflavours the beany taste typically associated with pulse proteins, letting food manufacturers formulate across a broader range of applications. It is applicable for gluten-free applications and it also allows manufacturers to boost nutritional value. Differentiate food products with front of pack claims such as “source or good source of protein” for foods with 5g or 10g of protein per serving. 

The Demand For Healthier Options

Following rising trends to pursue healthier alternatives, consumers are shifting towards clean-eating, non-GMO, and no / minimal allergens. This growing demand has led to more food manufacturers looking to fortify their products with protein — at a reasonable cost and without allergen triggers such as egg or dairy — resulting in a 38% growth in new product launches with plant or vegetable protein from 2013 to 2017.2 Ingredion has the ideal pulse protein solutions to help you make the most of this fast-rising consumer shift towards a plant-based diet.


Key Features Benefits

Clean taste

Enables high inclusion rate with no flavour impact.

High in protein and micronutrients 

Enables protein enrichment claims. Helps to boost micronutrients like potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron.

Clean and simple labelling

Label as “faba bean protein”.

Gluten-free, plant based

Suited to gluten-free and vegan applications.

Improved dough handling and elasticity.

Provides even cell structure to gluten-free bread, cakes / muffins.

< 5 ppm gluten  


Binds water and oil, replaces eggs in mayo, pasta, reduces oil separation in sauces.


Good solubility, ease of use especially in high moisture applications. 

Low viscosity

Allow protein enrichment with minimum viscosity impact. 

Improved texture and appearance

Suited for creating set texture in vegan applications — patties, yoghurt, cheese and sauces.

Provide texture and browning in coatings and baked goods.

Provides crunchy / dense texture in extruded snacks.


The VITESSENCE™ pulse proteins range use protein concentrates from peas, lentils and faba beans to help you formulate foods and beverages that meet consumer demand for clean-label eating choices. We also have an expansive line of pulse flours under our HOMECRAFT™ portfolio. For more information, please contact your Ingredion representative. 


1. Innova Market Insights from January 2015

2. Mintel GNPD 2017

VITESSENCE™ Pulse CT 3602 faba bean protein

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