Plant-based meat alternatives

Deliver the nutritious proteins consumers want with the standout tastes and textures they demand

Consumers are hungry for meat alternatives made from sustainable, nutritious plant-based proteins. But formulating convincing tastes and textures in your alternatives is no easy task. That's where Ingredion can help move you ahead. Combining deep knowhow and applications expertise — and a broad portfolio of plant-based proteins and texture solutions — we can help you accelerate your path to market with the products your customers crave.

Tap our full resources, including dedicated pilot plants, to take your idea from formulation to commercialization while addressing your key challenges in texture, binding, nutrition and more:

  • Create convincing meaty textures with just-right bite and texture
  • Augment protein nutrition with healthy fiber and micronutrients
  • Ensure highest quality, processing ease and shelf life
  • Add color, flavor and texture with fruit and vegetable concentrates
  • Formulate with the optimal plant protein solutions for nutrition and texture

See how we can accelerate growth in your applications

  • Plant-based patties
  • Plant-based sausages
  • Plant-based seafood
  • Plant-based nuggets
  • Plant-based meat

Draw from our broad solutions portfolio

We’ve got everything you need to deliver just-right meat alternatives — including innovative plant-based proteins, traditional and clean label texturizers, hydrocolloids and stabilizers, fruit and vegetable concentrates and time-saving, synergistic formulation systems.

Plant the future

Watch and discover how Ingredion is reshaping the future of plant-based proteins.

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