The benefits and solutions of fibre in nutrition, health and wellness snacking

Today’s consumer trends are more closely aligned with nutrition, health and wellness than ever before. Consumers increasingly look to food and beverage manufacturers to provide options tailored to their individual health needs and goals, including in the snacking market, which accounts for more than 40% of the total nutrition, health and wellness market. One of the primary ingredients driving this trend is fibre — which brings with it a variety of healthful benefits and offers manufacturers the opportunity to grow their brands, capture greater loyalty and create value consumers seek.

Video: The benefits and solutions of fibre

In this webinar, hear from three of Ingredion’s experts in the nutrition, health and wellness space about:

  • Nutrition, health and wellness trends and key insights

  • The benefits of dietary fibres for food and beverages

  • The impact of formulating with a fibre focus

Find out more about nutrition, health and wellness and discover how partnering with Ingredion can help you optimise your strategy and go to market faster.

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