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When snacks replace traditional meals, every bite counts. Consumers who fuel their day with smaller, more frequent eating occasions seek satisfaction, not "junk food." Demands for nutrition, clean label, sustainability and convenience are ever-present, but in a competitive market filled with new product innovation, formulators can't afford to develop products that meet these needs at the expense of taste and cost.

With so many variables to optimise, it becomes imperative to understand the consumer algorithm in food choice decision making. But that’s only the first part of the equation. The key to delivering share-winning products is the ability to formulate snacks with the delicious taste your consumers expect AND the right combination of benefits to meet their needs.

Decoding the consumer algorithm in snacks

As master decoders, Ingredion identifies and connects consumer food decision drivers for brands, enabling them to create innovative solutions that deliver great taste AND benefits such as improved nutrition at snack time.

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Insights and inspirations to help you develop consumer-preferred snacks.

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Troubleshoot common industry challenges with articles and resources from our experts.

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Get a head start on your next big project with basic formulas and food science concepts.

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Commercial success begins and ends with your consumer 

We enable our customers to connect with their consumers and capture market opportunities by creating tailored solutions powered by proprietary consumer and market insights and our robust plant-based portfolio.

Our proprietary insights help you speak the consumer’s language and tell a compelling product story

Ingredion Atlas Global Trends Data—Ingredion’s unrivalled, proprietary global database spans 33 countries and over a decade of data. Atlas yields unparalleled insights into consumer awareness and acceptance of ingredients.

Whether you are looking to understand global trends or explore region-specific opportunities within Asia Pacific, we can provide insights to fuel your formulation strategy.

Sugar reduction continues to grow in importance

  • 76% of APAC consumers state that “no added sugar” is a somewhat/extremely important claim1
  • 68% of APAC consumers are willing to pay 5 to 30% more for foods and beverages with “contains zero sugar” claims1

While consumers desire less sugar, removing it without detracting from product quality is another challenge, because sugar is just as important for maintaining texture as for providing sweetness. Read more about the balancing act that occurs when sugar is removed from a product.

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Starches deliver standout eating experiences

Consumers expect highly differentiated textures from their snacking experiences, from crispy and crunchy to chewy and tender. 70% of consumers say that premium flavor and quality snacks are worth paying more for.2

Discover how you can elevate crackers, a mainstay in the snacking category, and provide new and exciting textures that will both delight consumers and improve processability.

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Plant-based unlocks added value

  • 66% of APAC consumers consider the inclusion of “plant-based ingredients” a somewhat/extremely important claim.1
  • 76% of APAC consumers are willing to pay 5 to 30% more for foods and beverages containing plant-based ingredients.1

We can help you uncover the best ways to create novel, plant-based extruded snacks with the right texture, taste and nutrition for your target market. Explore some considerations identified by our experts for overcoming extrusion challenges.

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Webinar: Fibre’s role in nutrition, health and wellness snacking

Formulating snacks with a fibre focus can have a positive impact on your brand growth and appeal. Learn more consumer insights and healthy snacking trends from Ingredion experts.

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Snacking opportunities abound

Collaboration with us doesn't end with ingredients. We possess the world-class talent and resources you need in a partner, and can serve as a catalyst for growth at any stage of the product development and launch lifecycle.

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Snack with CULINOLOGY®

Our culinary experts can show you how to bring future-focused trends to the bench, today. Click below to view our research chef's unique and flavorful, but highly-nutritious, protein bar concept.

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In-depth scientific analysis

We offer analytical services—from texture to sensory studies—to pinpoint your target snacking experience. Read this study to learn how we used such techniques to optimise fabricated chips.

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Learn industry best practices

Our scientists provide technical education and training, giving you the practical knowledge you need in the lab. Watch this video to see our experts show you how to perform common benchtop analyses on nutrition bars.

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Custom recipes, ready-to-scale

Our experienced formulators take a holistic view of your product and develop targeted recipes tailored to your unique process and label requirements. Click below for our on-trend, but scalable, puffed pea snack.

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Snacking without guilt

Uncover trends and opportunities that help accelerate your innovation for snacks.

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1. Atlas Proprietary Ingredion Study, APAC (2020)

2. IRI Snacking Survey presentation (2021)