Sustainable innovations in Reb M stevia production

Creating scale and access to great tasting sugar reduction solutions

Food and beverage companies are being challenged to reduce the sugar content in their products, while maintaining the taste profile and ingredient panel consumers desire.

Reb M is a molecule found naturally in the stevia leaf, and like other stevia sweeteners, has zero calories. It is a highly desirable ingredient for food and beverage formulators because it closely matches the sweet taste profile of sugar. The challenge with Reb M, historically, is it only appears in small quantities in conventional stevia plants. This makes it difficult to scale for large global brands and access for smaller brands.

PureCircle™ by Ingredion is uniquely equipped to address this need for its customers. PureCircle is the only stevia producer to offer Reb M from stevia leaf extract, bioconversion and fermentation technologies. 

This means we can provide the best-tasting ingredient solution for our customers tailored to their specific formulation and labelling requirements. This has democratised sugar reduction for brands of all sizes, and made sourcing Reb M much more sustainable and cost effective.

PureCircle™ Reb M stevia sweeteners are revolutionary in performance, and enable zero added sugar formulations with zero compromise.

Innovating for stevia success

PureCircle's Starleaf™ Agronomy Program produces proprietary stevia varietals, which yield more Reb M from stevia leaf extract than conventional stevia plants. These stevia plants are crossbred over generations to produce desired quantities of stevia ingredients needed for our customers.

PureCircle's bioconversion method mimics the plants' natural production process, delivering superior cost efficiency with minimal processing.  By converting Reb A leaf extract into Reb M, we can offer our customers a non-GMO ingredient in quantities suitable for global brands.

Fermented Sugarcane Reb M is the latest addition to our stevia portfolio. It is the same molecule (Reb M) found naturally in the stevia plant. Fermented Sugarcane Reb M is made through a patented fermenting process, starting with sugarcane and converting it into a zero calorie sweetener. The result is an ingredient with dependable supply and scale and no bitter aftertaste. 

Innovations in Reb M stevia

Sustainability is at the core of our mission as the global leader in stevia innovation.

Learn more about how PureCircle™ by Ingredion leads the industry with a vertically integrated stevia supply chain to provide greater transparency, assurances and positive sustainability impacts for our customers and consumers.


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