Cucumber and mint tonic water

No added sugar

Cucumber and mint tonic water

Ingredion Ingredients Used:

Fresh home made cosmopolitan cocktails with garnish



Ingredient Amount % as is
Water 97.387
Citric acid anhydrous 0.15
Cucumber flavour 0.06
Sodium citrate 0.05
PureCircle™ PSB-4067 0.032
Potassium sorbate 0.03
Quinine flavour 0.03
Mint flavour 0.02


  1. Place a magnet in a large glass beaker, measure in 70% of the required water and put on a stirrer at 250-300rpm. In a separate jug, measure the additional water and put to one side.
  2. Weigh the powder ingredients on to individual weighing boats and add to the water one at a time, starting with potassium sorbate, then sodium citrate, citric acid and stevia.
  3. Next, weigh the flavours in to weighing boats and add to the beaker, rinsing them with the additional water to ensure completely added.
  4. Add the remaining water and leave to mix for 3-4 minutes then decant in to 250ml bottles glass bottles and chill to 4°C.
  5. Once chilled, carbonate to 6g/L and pasteurise at 75°C for 20 minutes then refrigerate for extended shelf life.