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Reduce cost without compromising product appeal

Whether you are working on the rollout of an affordable product range or identifiying cost-effective solutions for your most popular brands, you are facing the challenge of finding solutions that can help you deliver products consumers crave. Reduce or replace costly ingredients without changing processes and your products identity and quality. 

How can we reap the benefits of not only preserving the texture, functionality and taste of your products but implementing innovative cost solutions throughout your value chain, including speed to market? 

Ingredion’s deep formulation expertise and unmatched portfolio of solutions can help you cut costs efficiently and effectively without compromising on your product performance and greatness, winning in your markets and in consumers’ preferences 

Discover how to maximise savings for your formulation recipes 

  • Reduce costs of your processed cheese by replacing expensive dairy ingredients such as natural cheese and dairy protein powders with SIMPLISTICATM DY7210 Stabiliser system, or PENBIND® 850 Starch. Preserve gelling, melting and stretching properties with no compromise in product sensory  
  • Learn how N-CREAMER® 3334 or 2000 can help you restore richness and indulgence in your beverage creamers affordably replacing expensive dairy ingredients  
  • Obtain substantial cost reduction and excellent product stability, formulating PRECISA® Cream 7310, which will assist you replacing egg and oil in your salad dressings 
  • Discover how to build back pulpiness in tomato sauces using less tomato solids, uncovering savings with our innovative TEXTAIDTM solutions 

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