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Clean label food across Europe

Today, consumers are placing more and more importance on what's in their food. It is therefore key to make the right product labelling and ingredient choices. While manufacturers have been aware of this Clean Label movement for some time, there is a lack of published research on the regional differences that affect it.

So we spoke to more than 2800 consumers across 9 European countries to understand what Clean Label means to them. The results were enlightening, revealing insights on shopper profiles, the importance of front-of-pack claims and ingredient labelling.

To ensure you make the right ingredient choices, and to find out more about how European consumers' perceptions to ingredients differ, download the full guide here.

Key findings from our research into Clean Labels

clean label research

Consumers are paying more attention than ever to ingredient lists:

The number of consumers who see the ingredient list as very important has risen by 3% between 2011 and 2013 to 78%, and it is now the second most important factor when choosing a product, after price.

clean label food packaging and ingredients

Consumers find the ingredient list is more important than brand loyalty when it comes to product choices:

No manufacturer can rely on brand alone, as consumers no longer see it as a guarantee of quality. Consumers are becoming more savvy, taking the time to read the packaging and make their decision based on the ingredients used.

Clean label perceptions across Europe

Some countries are more mature when it comes to the clean label movement:

The UK market is so advanced in this area that there is an expectation for products to be clean label. Whereas in developing markets such as Russia and Poland there is more room to differentiate a product from competition by going clean label.

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