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Ingredients that bring quality and affordability to processed and analogue cheese recipes.

Processed cheese remains one of the most popular dairy products among consumers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, thanks to its versatility and affordability. To help food producers, retailers and food service companies outperform the rest of the market, Ingredion offers a range of cost-effective, high quality ingredient solutions for processed and analogue cheese.

Our team of researchers, scientists and chefs are here to help you devise affordable products without compromising the eating experience. From ingredient selection to formulation advice and labelling considerations, our experts focus on what’s needed for market success – every step of the way.

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Overcome your formulation challenges with Ingredion

Our cheese solutions provide a range of benefits to help you address specific challenges in producing processed or analogue cheese. Some of our most popular cheese solutions are provided below. Our technical team is on-hand to answer any product or application-related questions you may have. 

  • Reduce costs by replacing protein, casein or hydrocolloids in cheese
  • Create an analogue cheese which is easy to grate and melt 
  • Create a reduced-cost processed cheese which is easy to spread
  • Develop vegan cheese that will have same eating experience as real cheese

Find the cheese ingredient for your needs

The how to choose tools will help you to find the product or products you are looking for based on any of the criteria you see below. 

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