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Consumers and legislators are more demanding than ever, so getting to market with attractively priced, good quality and compliant products is key. If you’re looking to fast-track innovation on the back of long-term trends like guilt-free indulgence, clean label and health/nutrition - Ingredion can help you balance your priorities.

We produce a wide range of speciality starch and flour-based ingredients for bakery goods including cakes, bread, sweet biscuits, pastries and fillings. We can help you from concept to ingredient selection and from scale-up to consumer validation. Our chefs and technical experts work hand in glove with you because that’s what it takes to find the delicious balance. 

Bakery is booming and Ingredion is poised for action.

How can we help?

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Overcome your formulation challenges with Ingredion

Ingredion combine science-based problem solving expertise with an extensive range of innovative ingredient solutions to help manufacturers in the bakery sector overcome the most critical formulation challenges.

  • Add protein: Add a front of pack claim for ‘source of protein’ or ‘high in protein’ for bread, cereal bars or, luxury breakfast cereal and muesli
  • Add fibre: Add a front-of-pack for claim increased fibre content in your gluten-free bread, bread, cakes, cereal bars, luxury breakfast cereal and muesli
  • Reduce cholestorol: Add a front-of-pack claim for cholesterol reduction.
  • Go gluten-free: Gluten-free is growing. Replace wheat with our gluten-free ingredients to create delicious gluten-free foods
  • Go clean label: More customers are demanding clean labels. Work with our technical experts to reformulate your cream and fruit fillings for pies, cakes and bars.
  • Enhance texture: Creating differentiated texture in bakery products to help stand out from the competition
  • EU approved health claims: Achieve EFSA substantiated health claims to support the positioning of your products as 'healthier foods'
Bakery brochure

Creating In-Demand Bakery Products

Formulating bakery products today is as much about what consumers don’t want, as what they do. Our brochure simply explains how to keep them satisfied. To learn how to create products with the label claims consumers want, and the eating experience they enjoy, get the brochure now.

What's new?

We make it our business to understand what consumers want in their products. We focus our development activity on research which relates directly to consumer insights. 

With the clean label category set to be valued at over $50 billion by 2024, it’s a mega trend food producers can’t afford to ignore.

Consumer demand for clean label is well documented, but some manufacturers may be unaware that a clean label approach makes sound business sense too. Incorporating clean label can support your commercial drivers and deliver healthy business returns. 

Getting on-trend products to market before consumers move on to the next big thing is more challenging than ever. Capitalising on fast-growth trends is about accelerating New Product Development (NPD) and rethinking formulation to close the innovation gap.

Explore the formulation challenges facing your application and access insights on how to overcome them to accelerate innovation with our new Mind the Innovation Gap manufacturer reports.

Consumers change their tastes with little warning, so it’s important to know which trends are worth backing. Each report reveals six of the biggest growth trends by application and shows you how to stay ahead of the market.

With or without your products, consumers will satisfy their needs. So here are six of the best ways to beat the market.

To gain an understanding of consumer behaviour and perceptions of clean label products for dairy and bakery applications, read the “Cracking the clean label report”

You will learn:

  • How to increase demand with simple ingredient lists and compelling on-pack claims
  • Which foods are more likely to succeed in the clean label space
  • Why clean label won’t work unless your product is delicious

Start your clean label food story today.

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