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Responding to trends with texture

At Ingredion, we believe that texture is what makes foods and beverages vividly memorable and much loved by consumers. Alongside taste, texture defines the eating and drinking experience, sparking greater innovation challenges for manufacturers.

At Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres, our texture experts have been helping customers develop innovative chewiness, crunchiness, creaminess, body and mouthfeel tailored to their consumers’ evolving preferences for nearly two decades. Today we are using groundbreaking research in consumer mouth behaviours to develop new ingredients and processes to help solve your latest texture challenges.

Perfecting texture together

From honing a multi-textural cupcake—one that delivers a tender crumb, a creamy icing and a crunchy sprinkle in close succession—to creating a next-generation vegan cheese, we’re collaborating with you to shape the future of texture.

Throughout our Ingredion Idea Labs™ global innovation network, we are breaking new ground in:

  • Advanced gelling and thickening solutions made possible by our DIAL-IN® Texture technology
  • Expanded toolbox of co-texturisers which create dramatically different textures enhancing the sensory appeal of your products
  • Insights, expertise and portfolio to differentiate your products by creating novel signature textures for specific consumer target audiences to drive repeat behaviour

You get to market faster with DIAL-IN® Technology, our proprietary five-step approach to achieving the right textures and sweetness in your products. Another timesaving tool is our Texture Robotic Experimenter, or T-REX® automated rheology lab, where we develop new solutions and functional systems up to 10 times faster than with traditional methods.

Unleash the power of texture—and all it can do for your products.

Working with our team, you will use insights like these to target your products and line extensions exactly the way your consumers prefer to eat.

You will also find new keys to personalise the experience of consuming your brand. Using our extensive consumer research, we might analyse a “day in the life” of your target consumers, identifying such things as what food or beverage experience they wake up thinking about.

We uncover opportunities for innovation at every stage of our problem-solving journey with you. Our CONSUMER-CENTRICITY™ design approach ensures that texture comes to life in products tailored to your consumers’ deep-seated wants and unexpressed needs.

Through our focus on applied research, we are pushing the boundaries of ingredient science, revealing the true potential of ingredients in your formulations. While we are designing new ingredients, we keep your consumer constantly in mind, taking every step to ensure the long-term success and integrity of your product. That’s the key to the crunchy, crispy, soft or creamy eating experience that will build preference and loyalty for your brand.

Here are just a few of the ways you can meet the trends with our texture innovations.

Affordability advances.

Cheese is a vibrant growth segment in many parts of the world, and countering rising costs is of great concern. Ingredion’s experts integrate multiple capabilities to optimise our new cheese solutions, using consumer insights and deep formulation, applications, sensory and CULINOLOGY® expertise to delight consumers and overcome the challenges of formulation, processing and scale-up.

In 40%-casein-reduced imitation mozzarella cheese, for example, GEL ‘N’ MELT™ starch can help you achieve great meltability, shredability and stretchability for pizza and other cheese applications.

Sensory innovation.

Consumers everywhere love to enjoy snacks—from light, delicate crispy textures to snapping or shattering crunchy textures. 40% of all new product launches in the savoury/salty snack market currently have either a crunchy (25%) or crispy (15%) claim and getting the texture right will drive the rebuying pattern. With home entertaining replacing going out, more fancy finger food options are the order of the day and the savoury snack sector has shown increasingly sophisticated and complex flavours,more interesting shapes and improved textures.

Natural, simple and sustainable.

Beverages are another application where texture characteristics have caught people’s attention. As the exclusive distributor for FOAMATION® foaming agent and Q-NATURALE® emulsifier in EMEA, we are helping customers to differentiate their drinking experience offering clear beverages using a naturally-sourced emulsifier and creating lasting foaming experience in specific beverage applications.

Why texture matters

Adapting quickly to opportunities by understanding global texture trends and impact on consumer behaviour

Indulgent Dairy

Texture is paramount in creating high quality dairy products that stand out from the crowd.

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