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Food ingredient solutions

Our versatile starches, sweeteners and nutrition ingredients help you create crispier snacks, creamier fat-free dressings, more refreshing sugar-free cereals that keep consumers feeling fuller for longer. We’ll help you achieve that health claim, simplify your ingredient lists or make your products greener and more sustainable.


Create biscuits, cakes, muffins and pizza without compromising on taste, texture or visual appeal.

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Batters and coatings

Achieve the perfect crunch with our delicious batters and coating systems.

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Find out how our ingredients bring quality and affordability to processed and analogue recipes.

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Clinical nutrition

Deliver clinical starch solutions with our portfolio of clinical nutrition products.

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Our dairy portfolio perform a range of functions to help you create consumer-winning products.

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Fruit preparation

Keep prepared fruit in food products fresher and delicious for longer, helping to extend shelf life.

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Infant nutrition

Ready to help you protect with safe, nutritious products.

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Improve yield, texture, cold temperature stability and shelf-life in your meat products.

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Let us help you cut costs, whilst creating delicious, clean label products.

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Soups, sauces and gravies

Deliver soups, sauces and gravies that taste homemade.

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Developing savoury snacks and crackers with a difference.

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