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Clean up labels with functional native starch

Our portfolio of more than 25 NOVATION® clean label starches lets you formulate on-trend, clean label products rich in texture and taste, across a broad range of applications 

As the pioneer in clean label ingredients, we offer the broadest range of speciality clean label starch solutions and formulation expertise available. Having identified the clean label trend in its infancy and helped turn the trend into a way of life for food manufacturers, we know all there is to know about clean label.

As consumers grow ever-more health conscious, clean labels are becoming increasingly important to them. People want to know exactly what’s going into their food. That’s why you need simple recipes, with ingredients they recognise and trust.

Whatever your clean label challenges, we are here to help. From consumer insights to regulatory expertise, formulation advice to optimising texture, and from increasing process tolerance to helping you manage costs, the Ingredion clean label team is on-hand to support you all the way. We have extensive knowledge of and expertise in, a broad range of applications from creamy, Greek-style yoghurts to flavourful sauces and ready meals, from indulgent baked goods to natural refreshing beverages.

Coupled with our unwaivering commitment to deliciousness, your recipes can maintain the 'gold standard' of quality, while a clean label can add considerable value to your product.

What is clean label?

The Ingredion de​finition of clean label is based on customer and consumer insights, products should be:

  • Free from additives: remove or replace food additives
  • Feature a simple ingredient listing: choose recognisable ingredients that do not sound chemical or artificial
  • Minimally processed: process foods using traditional techniques that are understood by consumers and ​not perceived as being artificial​​​​​

The secret ingredient

Develop clean label claims with genuine consumer appeal to differentiate yourself in the market.

Functional native starch brochure

Clean label claims with consumer appeal

We all know that clean label is good for consumers, but did you know it’s good for your business too?

Find out how our pioneering products and on trend solutions can support your business, your commercial drivers and deliver healthy business returns.

 Solve your clean label development challenges with ingredion, get the brochure now.

Innovation in Clean Label ingredients

Our NOVATION® functional starches began the clean label movement over two decades ago. Our pioneering work meant you could get the texture and stability of a modified starch but with a simpler ingredient listing of maize starch ("corn flour” in the UK). Since then, we’ve broadened our clean label portfolio to include starches of all types, flours and pulses. When you work with us to bring clean labels to market, you benefit from years of experience and leading-edge achievements in clean label innovation. 

Our extensive portfolio of clean label ingredients include the following ranges:

NOVATION® starch

Designed to texturise, thicken and stabilise your products, they carry simple ingredient listings such as “maize starch” or “tapioca starch”.

Discover the range


Improved cost-in-use clean label texturisers for highly cost sensitive applications bridging the gap between native and modified starch in functionality and cost impact.

Discover NOVATION® Uno 190 starch
Discover NOVATION® Uno 260 starch


These clean label starches ensure products keep their indulgent texture whilst undergoing extended ambient, refrigerated or frozen storage.

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Delivers a high level of process tolerance and stability for formulations that undergo higher cooking temperatures to formulate clean label products with excellent stability.

Discover NOVATION ENDURA® 0100 starch

NOVATION® Lumina functional native starch

Offers all the functionality of modified starches while delivering optimal flavour, colour, texture and performance. in light-coloured applications with delicate flavours.

Discover the range

NOVATION® Indulge functional native starch

Co-texturisers to replace fat, protein and other ingredients in foods to mimic and improve the texture and mouthfeel, offering increased indulgence, quality and cost savings.

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HOMECRAFT® functional flour

Offer the simple labels consumers prefer while maintaining the texture and functionality crucial to the success of your products, and above all,  great textures that last. 

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Our instant range of clean label functional native starches can help you to eliminate cooking, shorten processing times and provide cold or rapid viscosity in applications.



Organic NOVATION® starch

Certifed 100% organic, you can differentiate your products from the competition, whilst building appealing textures and maintaining a high process tolerance.

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