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Switch to a natural-based claim with our Personal Care Ingredients 

Consumer preferences are seeing a huge shift towards products that are “natural” and “free from artificial ingredients and colours”.

Ingredion’s PenCare™ DP bio-based cationic polymer, FARMAL™ bio-based polymers, FOAMATION™ PC natural foaming agents and NATIVACARE™  natural polymers are our range of beauty and personal care solutions that can help you to meet this demand, allowing you to replace synthetic chemicals in your products with naturally-derived, renewable ingredients.

In addition, our unique solutions will help you to boost your products’ performance as well as reduce costs and improve productivity. With decades of experience and in-depth expertise in the Personal Care market, our products have a solid history of both leave-on and rinse-off cosmetic and personal care formulations.

Naturally-based solutions help to boost product performance and reduce costs

Ingredion’s beauty and personal care solutions can enhance key physical and sensorial attributes of your products, making them more attractive to consumers by providing a memorable sensory experience.

For example, our starches can help your products feel velvety and soft and smooth to the touch. They are also water and oil absorbent, and can reduce shine and moisture.

In addition to improving performance, they are cost effective. The efficacy of Ingredion’s products means you can use fewer of them compared to many of the alternative products, to help build consumer confidence in your brand.

Ingredion’s personal care solutions can enhance your products’ physical and sensorial properties, which will delight your customers, while delivering safe, sustainable products.

Read about our personal care ranges below:

  • PENCARE™ DP natural foaming agent bio-based cationic polymer ensures superior deposition and conditioning performance to leave your customers’ hair and skin irresistibly soft and smooth. PenCare™ DP offers superior performance in shampoos and conditioners and has an easy rinse off formula. 
  • The FARMAL™ range of high quality, renewable bio-based ingredients allow you to optimise your personal care products so you can deliver all the benefits you need. 
  • Our FOAMATION™ PC natural foaming agent ranges provide a luxurious sensory experience by creating rich and stable foams for your skin and hair cleansing products. The FOAMATION™ PC foaming agent range can enhance sensory properties in a variety of cosmetic applications. 
  • The NATIVACARE™ range of natural polymers are an alternative to chemically-modified polymers, and can enhance sensory experience, from skin feel and fragrance profile, to viscosity and appearance. 

Feel free to contact our technical team to discuss your product or application-related questions

FARMAL™ range of multi-functional polymers:

  • FARMAL™ MS 6822 natural foaming agent improves sensory feel during and after wash and texture/aesthetic provides the perfect balance between sensory and texture
  • FARMAL™ CS 3757 and FARMAL™ 21T natural foaming agents can be used as a talc replacement and can improve the sensory feel in makeup, body powders and lotions


  • FOAMATION™ PC Q Ultra natural foaming agent creates a rich and stable foam for your skin and hair products and improves sensory properties in a variety of cosmetic applications.
  • FOAMATION™ PC QDP Ultra Organic natural foaming agent improves foam structure and stability and with its free flowing powder format is easy to disperse in water.

PenCare™ DP cationic polymer:

  • In rinse-off applications, PenCare™ DP natural foaming agent offers superior performance and very easy rinse-off, making it ideal for your shampoo, conditioner and body wash products
  • In leave-on applications, it will produce beautifully smooth hair and skin in your skin care and sun care lotions, styling products and conditioners
  • Improves sheen, manageability and detangling – and delivers these silicone-free

NATIVACARE™ range of natural polymers:

  • NATIVACARE™ 5600 and NATIVACARE™ 8600 natural polymers allow you to achieve rich and luxurious textures along with enhancin skin feel. 
  • NATIVACARE™ 9230 and NATIVACARE™ 9360 organic-certified natural polymers enhance the sensory attributes of your personal care products while offering a truly functional performance. 
  • NATIVACARE™ 9330 organic-certified natural polymers improves appearance and skin feel in-use, reduce greasiness after use and offers truly functional performance.


Reduce or replace silicones with our personal care solutions

  • PenCare™ DP cationic polymer’s natural foaming agent outstanding performance allows you to eliminate or reduce silicones in hair treatments. If silicone has to be used, PenCare™ DP cationic polymer increases the amount of silicone depositing on the hair, meaning less silicone needs to be used. This allows you to innovate new formulations using less silicone, without jeopardising performance.

Boost your green credentials with our product solutions:

  • FARMAL™ 21T and FARMAL™ CS 3757 natural foaming agents can provide a simple label in all applications and are derived from fibrous materials obtained from cereal kernels and tapioca, and can be used as a mild exfoliating material for skin
  • FOAMATION™ PC foaming agents are natural extracts, manufactured sustainably and can provide opportunity for water saving in use through instant foaming. FOAMATION™ PC QDP Ultra Organic is also certified organic whilst still providing rich and luxurious foam.
  • PenCare™ DP cationic polymer in addition to being compatible with conventional formulas, PenCare™ DP cationic polymer is also compatible with sulphate-free formulas, allowing you to meet the needs of the increasing number of consumers who perceive these formulas to be superior. It has a high bio-based content and is not ethoxylated.
  • The NATIVACARE™ range of natural polymers are an alternative to chemically-modified polymers, and are either certified organic according to Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007, or approved by Ecocert in accordance with the COSMOS standard.

There are money saving opportunities with our personal care solutions

  • FARMAL™ CS 3757 and FARMAL™ 21T natural foaming agents can allow you to save money because they are very versatile ingredients which can be used for a variety of personal care applications and act as a bulking agent in skin creams and lotions.
  • PenCare™ DP cationic polymer allows you to make cost savings of up to 30% because you can achieve comparable performance to other solutions at half the dosage.

Improve productivity with our personal care solutions

  • PenCare™ DP natural foaming agent blends quickly and easily into formulations at room temperature, is easy to hydrate and can improve security of supply, product quality and consistency.
  • Our FARMAL™ natural foaming agents are effective oil absorbents and can be used as direct replacements for Talc.
  • The powerful FOAMATION™ PC foaming agents can reduce water usage, while ensuring that consumers enjoy a satisfying sensory experience

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