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Discover our Personal Care solutions

Boost your product performance and your green credentials in a wide range of personal care applications.

Consumers are more aware than ever of the potential risks associated with products they put in or on their bodies. There is a significant shift towards products that are “natural” and “free from artificial ingredients and colours” in beauty and personal care products.

Ingredion’s beauty and personal care ingredient solutions can help you to meet this challenge head on, allowing you to replace synthetic chemicals in your products with naturally-derived, sustainable ingredients to create green products your customers will be confident to use.

Driven by formulation expertise, measurement and consumer science our ingredients are produced from high quality, renewable and sustainable vegetable-based sources that aren't tested on animals.

Our unique solutions will also help you boost your products’ performance as well as reduce costs and improve productivity. With decades of experience and in depth expertise in the Personal Care market, our products are the building blocks of both leave-on and rinse-off cosmetic and personal care formulations.

Download our resources today to keep up to date with the latest consumer personal care trends.


Download the i2S Brief for the latest consumer trends

learn more about rise of natural preferences as consumers are move towards a greener lifestyle by minimising toxins in the products they use every day. 

Discover our solutions for naturally derived personal care

Driven by formulation expertise, measurement and consumer science, you can create natural personal care products that also meet your customers’ requirements.

Discover our new range of NATIVACARETM natural polymers

Our new range of personal care ingredients which offer an alternative to chemically-modified polymers and deliver the same rheology and sensory performance. 

FARMAL™ MS 6822 multi-functional bio-polymer

Create personal cleansing products with a soft texture and the perfect viscosity using FARMAL™ MS 6822 multi-functional bio-polymer.

FARMAL™ range of multi-functional bio-polymers

Ingredion’s FARMAL™ range of starches are non-ionic, bio-based polymers used to enhance aesthetic and sensorial attributes with simple label appeal.

A luxurious sensory experience FOAMATION™ natural foaming agent

Ingredion’s powerful FOAMATION™ PC natural foaming agents provide a luxurious sensory experience by creating a rich and stable foam for your skin and hair cleansing products.

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