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The sustainable way to optimise your glass fibre products

Ingredion sizing starches will help you to successfully exploit the growing global demand for glass yarns in key sectors such as:

  • Construction
  • Electrical and electronics
  • Pipe and tank
  • Wind energy
  • Transportation

In these sectors, glass fibre is replacing traditional materials in a range of applications as manufacturers recognise the benefits it brings in terms of weight reduction, superior performance, sustainability and lower cost.

Sizing is essential to the manufacturing process and choosing the correct sizing is critical because it has an impact on how the fibres behave during processing and how they perform as part of a composite. Sizing starches from Ingredion offer consistent quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, helping you to deliver the performance your customers demand at a price that’s right. They will allow you to optimise your glass fibre products for particular applications. In addition, when you work with our starch scientists, they can help you innovate to create completely new products.

Sizing starches from Ingredion – the starch experts

Ingredion is an acknowledged global leader in advanced starch technology. We work with growers who grow crops especially for us and have developed our own proprietary starch technology. This means we control our entire supply chain to ensure you get products with the consistent viscosity, high performance and security of supply that are crucial to the success of your products.

Ingredion offers modified and unmodified starches based on both maize and potato technology. In addition to our well-known CATO® starch and HI-SET® product ranges, we can create custom-made starches to meet your specific requirements for process stability, fast setting speed, yarn protection, starch type, hardness, etc.

Sizing starches for glass yarns

Ingredion’s affordable, high performance sizing starches allow you to customise your glass fibre products for a range of applications while eliminating synthetic alternatives and boosting your green credentials.

Exploit the growing demand for glass yarns with affordable, high performance sizing starches.

Ingredion’s sizing starches offer a wide range of productivity benefits:

  • CATO® 75Q is a cationic starch that provides good process stability.
  • HI-SET® 369 is a modified high amylose starch that offers easier cooking.

With a broad range of products available, you can select the ideal starch that delivers precisely the performance characteristics you require:

  • CATO® 75Q starch provides good binding onto the glass surface.
  • HI-SET® 369 delivers flexible film formation for better yarn protection.

All of Ingredion’s sizing starches are made from sustainable resources. Use them to:

  • Eliminate polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) for warp sizing applications.
  • Replace synthetic thermoset resins.

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