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Make digesting easier

While home remedies were the answer to digestive ailments for centuries, today’s consumers turn to fibres to make digestion easier. 

You need to choose just the right fibre and dosage to bring consumers all the benefits without any discomfort and help them meet their daily fibre requirements. Your products can work wonders when our experts help you use our innovative fibre ingredients for new label claims.

SUSTAGRAIN® wholegrain barley flakes and flour deliver digestive, glycaemic and heart health benefits to consumers. By using SUSTAGRAIN®, food manufacturers can ensure that front-of-pack marketing positions have real appeal for health conscious consumers, such as improving health with the approved EU health claim "Barley grain fibre contributes to an increase in faecal bulk.”  This claim may be used for food which is high in fibre. 



Ingredion Vegetarian Burger 


SUSTAGRAIN® wholegrain barley

Benefit from three times more fibre than oats

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