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Colours and Flavourings

The efficient, cost-effective way to create quality products with the nutritional and clean-label claims today’s consumers demand

Encapsulation is the efficient, cost-effective way to transform oil soluble, volatile and oxidation sensitive ingredients into free-flowing powders. It protects the actives during shelf life from light (UV), oxidation and flavour losses due to evaporation of volatile molecules.

Ingredion’s encapsulation solutions allow you to develop cost-effective and stable formulations of flavours, essential oils, carotenoid based colours, vitamins and nutrients. Our encapsulants are sustainably sourced and non-GMO. As a result, you can rely on security of supply with consistent, reliable product quality for your products. 

Our products are non-allergenic, non-animal and derived from sustainable, renewable sources. Ingredion’s encapsulation solutions will deliver a range of benefits to your encapsulated products and manufacturing operations:

  • Improved product quality
  • Improved shelf-life stability
  • Enhanced sensory and nutritional properties
  • Improved release characteristics
  • Reduced flavour loss during processing and storage
  • Reducing cost-in-use through high oil loading and productivity improvements

Clean up your labels

Consumers are paying increasing attention to the ingredients and health claims about their food and beverage products, expressing a clear preference for products labelled as natural, low in fat, sugar and salt, no artificial ingredients and no additives. Ingredion’s encapsulation products are non-GM and several of them allow you to create products that can bear additional claims such as natural, allergen-free, vegetarian, Kosher and Halal.

In addition, encapsulation is an effective way of delivering nutrients that previously would have been incompatible, unpalatable or destroyed in the production process. It therefore opens the door to product innovation. Ask our technical specialists how they can help turn your innovation ideas into realities.

The superior and reliable alternative to Gum Arabic

Compared to Gum Arabic, Ingredion’s solutions deliver the following benefits:

Improved formulation

  • Lower solution viscosity, enabling higher solid content
  • More effective surface tension reduction for reduced homogenisation pressure
  • Smaller particle size, enabling semi-transparent instant emulsions (colours)
  • Better batch-to-batch consistency
  • Security of supply and stable pricing

Improved encapsulated flavour stability

  • Increased flavour retention in the final powder
  • Stable flavour intensity during storage
  • Stable flavour profile during storage
  • Good oxidation stability, with no off-note development

Improved productivity and profitability

  • Oil load increase
  • Higher solids in the spray dry slurry ensures
  • Productivity improvement
  • Improved flavour recovery in the final powder

Flavour and colour encapsulation

Ingredion’s encapsulation solutions allow you to stabilise, protect and enhance your products’ flavour and colour characteristics, while at the same time improving your productivity and profitability. A selection of some of our most popular products and the benefits they bring is provided below. Contact our technical team to discuss your product- or application-related questions.

Stabilise your flavour actives, essential oils, oleoresins and other botanical extracts and protect them from light (UV), oxygen, oxidizing agents, contamination, moisture, hydrolysis and evaporation.

Colour formulations for food and beverages

Improve productivity and profitability

Encapsulation systems without E-numbers

Delivering high quality products with the nutritional and clean-label claims today’s consumers demand. All of these encapsulants can be labelled simply as “dextrin” or “maltodextrin”.

Vegan and non allergen fat powder such as coffee and soup whitener

Ingredion’s encapsulation solutions can help you to produce non-animal, non-allergen whitener:

Tapioca based encapsulation systems

 Some consumers link maize and waxy-maize to gen-modification, despite the fact that all European Ingredion products are non-GM, IP. Using tapioca starches allows you to formulate maize-free encapsulations systems

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