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Nature-based products that boost product quality and reduce your operating costs

Ingredion’s bio-polymers can help improve your paper, board and towel products while saving you time and money

Ingredion’s speciality starch products for the paper, board and tissue industry can reduce your costs and boost your productivity in the mill by improving:

  • Quality
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Retention & Drainage
  • Fibre substitution
  • Printing and surface appearance
  • Dusting and Linting 

Ingredion offers a wide range of speciality starches to cover all of your requirements including:

  • RediBOND® starch series - ready-to-use liquid natural polymers can provide increased strength, productivity and quality cost effectively in tissue and towel applications.
  • RediPRO® starch series - ready-to-use liquid natural polymers can boost fines and filler retention, whilst at the same time significantly improving drainage. This in turn opens up the operating window, allowing for a substantial increase in machine speed and reduced usage of chemical additives.
  • CATO® starch series - versatile, wet-end cationic, anionic and amphoteric starches that can be used in a variety of applications to deliver a wide range of benefits.
  • Surface Starches - A range of starches for surface applications in coated papers, newsprint and non-coated specialities including: RediFILM® starch, KoFILM® starch, CatoSIZE® starch and FilmKOTE® starch can all improve surface appearance and printability whilst reducing linting and dusting

How Ingredion’s products can help

Ingredion’s products bring benefits in the following applications:

  • Tissue and towelProvides strength, softness, absorbency, bulk, speed and fibre substitution.
  • BoardDelivers strength, speed, retention & drainage and grammage reduction for board and recycled board operations.
  • Uncoated paperOffers strength, speed, retention & drainage and fibre substitution.
  • Coated paperCan increase  strength, speed, retention & drainage and improve surface appearance and printability. In the press room, they can help you deliver a higher level of printability to your customers, as well as reduced linting, more uptime and greater efficiencies.
  • NewsprintCan help reduce linting and dusting and increase strength, speed, retention & drainage, and filler content.

Boost your green credentials as well

Ingredion’s bio-polymer products are based on renewable and sustainable starches. In addition, they can help you reduce or eliminate synthetic alternatives. As a result, you can boost your company’s green credentials and appeal to today’s more eco-conscious consumers.

Ingredion’s RediPRO® starch and RediBOND® starch products can improve your productivity in a variety of ways:

  • RediPRO® starch products optimise drainage and retention in paper and board production. As a result, your machines can run up to 10% faster, offering a significant productivity boost. In addition, they can generate higher tensile strength, improving productivity by reducing downtime and re-winder breaks.
  • RediBOND® starch products allow you to boost your productivity by cutting refining and increasing sheet strength and elongation.
  • RediBOND® liquid polymers dry-strength qualities allow you to save money by using less fibres or cheaper fibres. In addition, they can open your mill’s operating window, allowing you to reduce refining energy, thereby saving on energy costs
  • RediPRO® starch products are extremely efficient at attracting fines and filler, allowing you to hold onto more of your solids and cut your raw materials costs. They also save money by allowing you to replace some base wet-end starch and decrease system demand for coagulants and drainage aids. In addition, they allow you to increase your machine speeds by up to 10% and reduce downtime, which helps boost your bottom line.
  • RediBOND® starch products increase the reactivity with cellulose fibres to ensure superior bonding and strength. They provide higher dry strength through superior ionic associations, resulting in enhanced hydrogen-hydrogen bonding. In grades requiring higher tissue strength, RediBOND® starch products can be used to generate increased tensile strength with minimal impact on sheet stiffness. In fact tensile strength in both machine and cross direction can be increased substantially whilst at the same time significantly reducing machine downtime and re-winder breaks.

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