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HOMECRAFT® Create Multifunctional Rice Flours

With increasing consumer awareness around health and clean and simple trends, HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional rice flours can assist you in ensuring your products resonate in a competitive marketplace.

Sales of products perceived to be healthy are steadily growing and as more food and beverages are launched to keep pace, differentiating your portfolio has never been more important.

Balance health and appeal multifunctional rice flours

Delivering the same range of capabilities as functional native starches, HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional rice flours can help take your products to the next level of texture and appearance while conveying a healthy image to consumers.

Research shows that rice is perceived as a natural, healthy ingredient and as a ‘good’ carbohydrate that provides long-lasting energy.

Explore the potential of HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional rice flours

Leverage clean and simple trends and explore the potential HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional rice flours can bring to your products.

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Breaking through with Idea Labs® clean label flours

HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional rice flour brings you:

  • The viscosity and strength of modified starches • Smooth texture with no gelling or syneresis
  • Enhanced texture stability over shelf life
  • Improved freeze/thaw performance
  • Added clean flavour release

Make savings and label claims without compromise

Across a range of applications, from soups and sauces to batters and yoghurts, HOMECRAFT® Create multifunctional rice flours deliver velvety textures, opacity and homemade appeal to your products. Bringing you the process tolerance and shelf-life stability of modified starches, these rice flours can replace fats and dairy in your applications and enable you to save money through lower cost-in-use. Their neutral profile supports flavour release, so your food products can deliver on taste while carrying simple rice flour, gluten-free and low-fat labelling. 

Discover our range of HOMECRAFT® Multifunctional Rice Flours


Make your products stand out with HOMECRAFT® Create 835 multifunctional rice flours, which are suitable for applications requiring moderate to high process tolerance. They can also support label claims and enable you to save money.

Rice Yoghurt with fruit


Satisfy clean and simple consumer trends by formulating with HOMECRAFT® Create 865. Ideal for applications demanding low to moderate process tolerance, this multifunctional rice flour can enable cost savings while supporting gluten-free and low-fat claims. 

Rice Flour Soup
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