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Creating the best – for less

Affordability is one of the top three challenges for food and drinks manufacturers – alongside getting quality right and differentiating products from those of competitors. 

Cutting recipe costs has to be as much about maintaining the overall quality of the product as it is about substituting costly ingredients with less expensive alternatives. Our global market research shows that the trend of making goods and services more affordable must co-exist with a great eating or drinking experience.

That’s why we believe that the best approach to meeting the affordability trend is a holistic one that considers all elements at once. By reformulating recipes to be cost-smart without compromising on texture, taste and other sensory and functional characteristics, manufacturers can create products that meet consumer demand for delicious affordable products.

Case study: Cost-cutting cheese analogues

Imagine lowering your costs by over a fifth, while still maintaining the eating experience that consumers love.

That’s exactly what one manufacturer of analogue pizza cheese was able to achieve with Ingredion. They lowered costs by 22% through a combination of optimising protein, cutting product waste by 10%, and trimming gelling time from seven to five days.

The best part is that all the sensory measures showed the same eating experience as that of a full-protein pizza cheese.

Beyond affordability

What may start out as recipe cost reduction could result in broader benefits for you and your consumers. By working with Ingredion you can optimise throughout the value chain, including speed to market, shelf-life extension, more sustainable energy use and a reduced carbon footprint.

We have the expertise to help you holistically transform your recipes, to create affordable, great-tasting and on trend products that consumers will want to buy time after time.    

Consumer first

Our consumer insights and CONSUMER-CENTRICITY™ design, digs deeper into consumer preferences and finds alternative ways to deliver the experiences they want. Consumers will love your products, and you’ll love the look of your bottom line.

Whether your primary goal is increased affordability that you can promote on pack or reformulation to improve your margins, reduce waste, or improve quality, we keep saving money top-of-mind in every collaboration. When the consumer experience drives holistic innovation, saving money is good for everyone. 

How can we help?

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