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Biopolymer-based solutions that perform

The shift from synthetic to “nature-based” is part of the “clean and simple” trend shaping the future of everything from food and manufacturing processes to building materials and packaging. At Ingredion, we are working to help you address this trend in FMCG and industrial applications. Through our network of Ingredion Idea Labs innovation centres, you can take advantage of a wide portfolio of high-performance and affordable plant-based polymers to reduce or replace petroleum and synthetic chemicals in bioplastics, personal care, fabric and home care products—as well as aids in oil and gas drilling.

Today you will find solutions derived from corn, tapioca, potato and an array of biogums, along with a versatile technology toolbox. Our experts guide you from consumer and market insights all the way to product launch, helping you incorporate biomaterials into your products and processes.

Future-forward applied research focuses on improving the performance of existing and new raw materials and finding solutions for new industries. Let us help you unlock the capabilities of nature in your industry. Innovate with us.

With our functional biopolymers, you can meet consumer demand for products with more bio-content and fewer synthetic additives—while maintaining or improving key performance attributes.

In the plastic industry, for example, our BENEFORM®  functional biopolymers are helping customers achieve unique benefits in durable, semi-durable and disposable plastic products—all while improving sustainability. Plastics made with BENEFORM®  biopolymers withstand recycling without losing strength. They also reduce water absorption during processing and are easily processed on your existing equipment. In the food packaging industry, our BENEFORM®  functional biopolymers are at the heart of mechanically stronger and more biodegradable films with greater clarity and a stronger gas barrier. This enables the freshness of meats and cheeses to last 15 to 20 percent longer on the shelf saving you money through less product waste, lower labour costs and reduced disposal costs.

Our speciality high amylose starches enable more sustainable manufacturing of glass fibre for the growing electronics industry. Our innovative starch solutions can also replace synthetics in drilling mud while inhibiting fluid loss, thereby lessening environmental impact—and saving money on reduced waste. In textiles, our starches can reduce friction in the weaving process and improve the feel and appearance of fabric.

In personal care products, we are finding new ways to reduce synthetic chemicals and aluminium and make labels simpler for consumer appeal—while reducing manufacturing costs. Formulate creamier soap bars with richer lather and longer-lasting fragrance with native starches, or add lustre and smoothness to shampoo with plant-based extracts. Extend shelf life in hair and skin products with polyols and speciality blends. Or replace synthetic chemicals with nature-derived ingredients to deliver thick, appealing fabric softener that disperses almost instantly.

In papermaking and corrugating, our transformational coatings allow for a total reduction in synthetic usage, enabling a truly compostable product. Our speciality starches and resins promote greater wet strength and improved end-use performance. They can also maximise bond performance and speed while reducing adhesive solids and cost.

And in everything from pharmaceuticals to personal care products, our emulsifiers and encapsulates can increase the shelf-life stability of your products over a wide range of storage conditions.

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