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Save money in yoghurt

Discover how to deliver the rich, creamy texture and mouthfeel that consumers expect while optimising production costs in yoghurt.

Maintain profitability in fermented dairy applications with ingredient solutions and technical expertise from Ingredion. Discover how you can reduce and replace costly raw ingredients such as milk powders and cream with our texturising solutions, helping you to optimise costs without losing sensory appeal.

Meet your business objectives while offering the indulgent eating experience that your consumers love with Ingredion.

How can we help?

Contact our experts today to find the right ingredient for your needs.

Cut costs without compromising on texture

Achieve a delicious balance between cost, quality and speed to market, with ingredient solutions that deliver the rich, creamy texture that consumers love.

Discover how to maintain quality and product stability while optimising your formulation costs.

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Learn from our yoghurt production experts

Meet the demand for yoghurt


Tap into the commercial potential of yoghurt in Africa. Download our industry report to discover how you can formulate for business success.

Find out how much you could save


Use our yoghurt recipe savings calculator to find out how much you can save in fermented dairy applications, with ingredient solutions from Ingredion.

Reduce recipe costs with solutions from Ingredion


Discover how we can help you create fermented dairy products with a creamy texture, while improving stability over shelf-life and optimising cost.

Recipes to reduce costs in yoghurt production

Thermised yoghurt recipe.

Thermised yoghurt

Control costs in yoghurt while delivering appealing sensory qualities and appearance.

Dairy drink

Fermented dairy drink

Reduce fat to appeal to health-conscious consumers, while maintaining the right texture and sensory attributes. 

Set yoghurt

Replace milk protein to optimise costs without losing the texture and eating experience that consumers love.

Greek-style yoghurt

Greek-style yoghurt

Create an indulgent yoghurt that offers a creamy texture and mouthfeel, without increasing formulation costs. 

Virtual lab. Real solutions.

Turn a tempting idea into delicious reality with the help of Ingredion Idea Labs® science-based problem solving. Step in and discover intriguing concepts, tested recipes, expert advice and more to help you create your next breakthrough dairy products.

Where next?

I want to reformulate but need help

  • Finding the right ingredient for your needs can be a challenge, our team of experts are ready to support you when working on new product development, reformulation or ingredient replacement.

I need more information

  • Discover dairy ingredient solutions from Ingredion. Learn how our clean label and functional starches can help you satisfy today’s top consumer trends.

I want to sample ingredients

  • If you know which ingredient you need in your formulation you can request a sample quickly and simply online. Use our 'how to choose' tools to find the product or products you are looking for.
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