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Beverage solutions

With consumers expecting more than just rehydration from their chosen beverages, ensuring your products align with the most influential trends has never been more important. Taste and nutrition appear to be overpowering consumers quench for thirst, as these new trends influence purchasing behaviour. Therefore, it is evident key beverage ingredient solutions need to be sourced to satisfy the markets thirst for protein enrichment, sugar reduction and other evolving trends. 

Trends and challenges

Consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious, driving demand for natural, sugar reduced beverages. In addition, consumers frequently expect functional benefits from their beverages such as a boost in fibre or a push in protein enrichment. These trends are thriving, especially as consumers are increasingly replacing meals with beverages yet expecting the equivalent nutritional value from them. However, as consumers adventurous sides continue to grow, manufacturers are presented with the challenge of satisfying key trends, developing exciting flavours and indulgent textures all while remaining cost-effective. 

Boost your beverages

  • Create clean label solutions with unique, appealing textures: Enhance the mouthfeel of juice drinks when fruit puree needs to be reduced and deliver creamy, indulgent textures to smoothies with reduced fat.
  • Formulate healthier beverages: Reduce sugar and add protein or fibre to boost health and consumer appeal.
  • Reduce recipe costs: Reduce costs by replacing ingredients such as pulp, dairy protein/fat and pectin. For frozen, carbonated applications you could increase yield through increased air entrapment and product volume extension.
  • Enhance performance through effective stabilisation: Increase stability in juices and performance in carbonated soft drinks with our emulsifiers, helping you take your beverages to the next level in terms of quality enjoyment. Our foam stabilisers deliver high quality froth textures in alcoholic beverages such as cider creating a memorable sensory experience.

Our beverage ingredient solutions

At Ingredion we have over 50 years of experience and expertise in the beverage sector, developing solutions to key trends and challenges at present in the market. Find out how our clean label starches and beverage emulsifiers could help you satisfy todays top trends. 

Alcoholic beverages

Make your beers and alcoholic beverages refreshing and reliable with Ingredion.

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We can help you find the delicious balance between quality and affordability.

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Colours and flavourings

Stabilise, protect and enhance your flavour and colour formulation with encapsulation solutions.

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