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Soups, sauces and gravies

Did you know that you can easily enhance the taste and texture of your sauces and gravies with healthy ingredients while retaining a simple label?

Our innovative starch solutions are designed to help you create delicious products that consumers desire.

Best of all, they are always completely stable - from your bench or production line to consumers’ houses. We achieve this by building cold temperature stability and process tolerance into our starches.

  • Make your low-fat sauces and gravies indulgent with our N-DULGE® line of co-texturisers.
  • Cost-effectively offer consumers great texture, simple labels and healthy options in soups.
  • Work with our experts to develop authentic, chef-inspired soups that address current consumer needs.
  • Work hand-in-hand with our CULINOLOGY® chefs to translate the latest food trends into workable, appealing formulations for your consumers while focusing on superior product texture and exciting flavours.
*CULINOLOGY is a registered trademark of Research Chefs Association. Used with permission.

How can we help?

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Overcome your formulation challenges with Ingredion

Ingredion combine science-based problem solving expertise with an extensive range of innovative ingredient solutions to help manufacturers in the savoury sector overcome the most critical formulation challenges.

  • Reduce costs and increase cost predictability: Replace common functional soup, sauce and gravy ingredients like oil, cream and vegetable pulp to optimise costs, without changing the taste, texture, shelf-life or visual appeal of your savoury products
  • Improve yield: Make your ingredients go further with our speciality starches which can improve yield and support cost-efficiency
  • Improve consistency, process tolerance and shelf-life: Our innovative starch solutions can help you maintain the quality of your product through harsh processing and multiple freeze/thaw cycles
  • Go gluten-free and increase protein: Our pulse flours and proteins will help you to create delicious gluten-free food, which tastes and feels similar to traditional wheat-based products
  • Go clean label: Take advantage of our 20-year history of innovation and experience in clean label formulation. Create delicious, high-quality soups, sauces and gravy products with simple ingredient listings
  • Create healthier products: Reduce fat in your mayonnaise sauces, soups or dressings without compromising the eating experience 
  • Enhance texture: Improve or maintain the texture of your products whilst removing costly ingredients with our speciality starch solutions

Virtual lab. Real solutions.

Turn a tempting idea into delicious reality with the help of Ingredion Idea Labs® science-based problem solving. Step in and discover intriguing concepts, tested recipes, expert advice and more to help you create your next breakthrough savoury products.

Find the soup, sauce or gravy ingredient for your needs

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