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Meat and meat alternatives

Make meat the way it’s meant to be. Ingredion’s meat solutions can help you to reduce production costs whilst protecting both taste and texture of end products. As consumers become more demanding, we can help you keep pace with the latest changing trends in the market. When you work with us, you can improve yield, texture, cold temperature stability and shelf life in your meat products.

Our team of researchers, technical experts and chefs are here to advise on the unique starch solutions available to you in the meat sector. Our partnership approach is focussed on discovering what is needed for success, by balancing cost and quality, every step of the way.

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Overcome your formulation challenges with Ingredion

Our meat solutions provide various benefits to help you address specific challenges in producing meat or meat alternatives. Our technical team is on hand to answer any product or application-related questions you may have.

  • Reduce costs: Reduce and control costs by replacing ingredients with the right starch solutions, making your process more efficient without compromising texture or visual appeal of your products.
  • Improve product quality: Improve the mouthfeel of your meat products by making them firmer, juicier and more fibrous, with our specialist solutions and expert advice from our technical experts.
  • Clean label: As the pioneer of clean label ingredients we can help you to produce market leading, delicious, clean label, natural meat products.
  • Protein enrichment: Extend texture in meat products while boosting health appeal to capitalise on the growing consumer demand for higher protein foods.

Create innovative meat and meat alternatives products consumers want

Whatever your goals, find the expertise and ingredients you need to deliver great-tasting, on-trend meat and meat alternative products while optimising costs.

Emulsified meat

Challenges: Achieve the perfect balance of emulsion stability, texture, yield improvement and taste in emulsified meat.

Ingredient solutions:

  • Learn how using starches in meat products will improve the firmness and chew of the meat without interfering with flavour
  • Develop products with increased shelf life
  • improve overall texture, cutability and spreadability by reducing moisture loss and improving texture consistency
  • Achieve more bite and a firmer texture bite for better sensory characteristics and appearance.

Injected, tumbled and marinated poultry

Challenges: Managing the moisture and achieving ideal yield with low purge in poultry applications; removing the phosphates to simplify ingredient labels.

Ingredient solutions:

  • Discover how collaborating with our in-house meat experts can add value to your recipes with innovative, clean label functional ingredients that meet consumers’ needs
  • Develop marinades that help you achieve an optimal balance of yield, taste and texture
  • Use special ingredients to ensure your products have the right moistness, texture and shelf stability.

Ground and formed nuggets and patties

Challenges: Achieving optimal moisture and fat binding while maintaining shapre and structure of the product.

Ingredient solutions:

  • Discover a wide range of starches that bind the moisture and fat in your products to provide structure and texture that consumers want
  • Reduce fat and improve the nutritional profile of products without compromising on appearance and taste
  • Improve the processability and machinability of your products.

Alternative meat

Challenges: Developing plant-based alternative meat products with excellent texture and eating experience.

Ingredient solutions:

  • Address consumer demand for plant-based protein sources
  • Discover a wide range of highly functional specialty and native starches as well as our pulse protein and flour ingredients
  • Develop alternative meat products with desired taste, texture and nutritional profile.

Virtual lab. Real solutions.

Turn a tempting idea into delicious reality with the help of Ingredion Idea Labs® science-based problem solving. Step in and discover intriguing concepts, tested recipes, expert advice and more to help you create your next breakthrough meat product.

Find the meat and meat alternative ingredient for your needs

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