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Tap into trends with hydrocolloids

Formulating consumer-winning foods and beverages is a delicate science. Not only do products have to taste outstanding and leave a lasting impression on your target consumers, they must also appeal to other, less tangible senses in order to compete on the shelves.

Hydrocolloids are among the most versatile and utilised ingredients available to today’s food and beverages industry. Not only do they present the opportunity to improve texture and add functionality, they can also enable reduced ingredient usage and cost savings.

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Ingredion's range of hydrocolloids

From improving the texture of a gluten-free muffin to stabilising a non-protein dairy drink; hydrocolloids can provide the tools you need to formulate or reformulate to satisfy key trends and achieve the textures, consistency and visual appeal consumers crave and expect. 

TIC® Gum Arabic FT Powder

TIC® Gum Arabic FT Powder is a spray dried gum arabic high in soluble dietary fibre. It can be used across a range of applications, acting as a binder in nutrition bars, enhancing stability and flexibility in bun glazes, encapsulating flavour oils or in the panning process when manufacturing confectionery products.

Pre-Hydrated® Gum Arabic Spray Dry Powder

Pre-Hydrated® Gum Arabic Spray Dry Powder is an agglomerated gum arabic ideal for use in beverage emulsions. In a typical beverage emulsion, spray dried gum arabic is mixed for four to 16 hours before oil addition. But with Pre-Hydrated® Gum Arabic Spray Dry, the gum is ready for oil addition after only 45 minutes of mixing.

Ticalose® CMC 400 Granular Powder

Ticalose® CMC 400 Granular Powder is a medium-viscosity coarse carboxymethylcellulose (CMC). In dairy manufacture, it can control texture and ice crystal growth in frozen products while protecting proteins in acidified dairy goods. It also retains moisture, making it a valuable asset in many bakery applications and low-calorie formulations.

TIC Pretested® Tara Gum 100

TIC Pretested® Tara Gum 100 is a galactomannan which, used in combination with other hydrocolloids, can bring soft and stable gel structures to jams and jellies. In dairy, it can stabilise cream cheeses and prevent crystal formation in ice creams. It can also bring thickness and smooth creamy mouthfeel to soups and sauces.

Ticaxan® Xanthan EC glucomannan gum*

Ticaxan® Xanthan EC glucomannan gum is a versatile hydrocolloid that can provide viscosity, stability and particulate suspension in a wide range of products. It can be used to thicken and stabilise soups, sauces and ready meals as well as enhancing the mouthfeel and particulate suspension of beverages.

*Ticaxan® Xanthan EC glucomannan gum is available in the Middle East and Africa only.
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