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Empowering performance. Delivering convenience.

The instant sauce that thickens and shines without adding heat. The face wash that smells and feels as good as it did when it was made, even after months on the pharmacy shelf. The bioplastic film that keeps cheese fresher longer.

We help you answer the need for performance—in the way ingredients work in your processes, maintain stability over time, adapt with ease from pre-preparation to final consumption and function in your applications.

Equally important is delivering more renewable products and renewable ingredients. Your new product also has to be better than the last in some way. We all expect progress and continuing improvement in the things we buy—even as we seek to pay less for them.

At Ingredion, we understand convenience and performance and their competitive advantages. At Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres, your challenges are the focus of our work with:

  • Proprietary technologies that protect active ingredients
  • Nature-based, sustainably and organically farmed ingredients
  • Process improvements that save you time and money
  • Ingredient solutions that make your food and beverage products taste and look better


The pumpable body lotion that flows without clogging. The powdered breakfast drink that blends instantly with no lumps. Convenience is a critical complement to product performance, and our science-based problem solving is improving ease of consumption in a variety of ways—from pre-preparation to an eating or drinking experience that exceeds expectations.

 At Ingredion Idea Labs innovation centres, we’re developing innovative solutions in:

  • Microwaveability
  • Pumpability
  • Formability
  • Freeze-thaw cycles
  • Cold prep processing using our wide range of cold water starches

Answer the trend for convenience that’s easy to enjoy with support from the performance innovators at Ingredion.


We’re advancing knowledge of product functional attributes at Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centers—so cheeses melt more evenly, sauces provide more sheen and tissue offers greater strength and improved softness. You’ll find breakthrough solutions that can deliver a performance experience consumers have yet to imagine, thanks to innovations in these other areas:

  • Oil repulsion in paper
  • Oxygen porosity of bioplastics
  • Advances in barrier performance
  • Improved solubility systems
  • Encapsulation performance

Ask us about innovations in novel ingredients and process technology under way now throughout our global innovation network.


What makes sauces maintain cohesion and frozen foods retain integrity through thawing? How can you make detergents with fresh fragrances that inspire repurchase? Innovative stability solutions from Ingredion are supporting higher quality perceptions of foods and beverages, personal, home and fabric care—even supplements and medicines.

Our proprietary technologies around emulsification and encapsulation help you protect and stabilise on-trend flavours, nutrients and fragrances in your products while overcoming challenges such as high temperatures and the presence of oxygen.

We’re even developing high-efficiency ingredients that allow you to save money across your operation. New stability solutions from Ingredion can help you improve processablity and, at the same time, answer demand for renewable solutions.

How can we help?

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Our starches help you create convenient products for when speed is of the essence and time is tight. 

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Collaborate with us to achieve superior stability in every product you create.

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Functional performance

Your products need to offer specific and differentiated benefits to meet your customers' quality expectations.

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Optimise your manufacturing method to ensure process efficiency and a quality end product.

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