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CheeseApp 70 modified potato starch 

CheeseApp 70 modified potato starch provides a soft texture, clean taste and good melt for pizza shreds. 

This product is only available in the UK, Africa, Turkey and the Middle East.

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CheeseApp 70

With trends and diets such as veganism gathering pace and growing demand for affordable fast foods, offering consumers high quality cheeses with strong sensory appeal is key.

Improve your analogue block cheese and block processed cheese with CheeseApp 70 to meet consumers' evolving needs and expectations.

Processed cheese solutions

The cheese industry is booming with the production and popularity of processed cheese and analogue pizza cheese rising across the entire EMEA region, especially in the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe.

We can help manufacturers and retailers make the most of this growth with our range of cost-effective, high-quality ingredients solutions.

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Premium texture at a low cost

Ingredients that bring quality and affordability to processed and analogue cheese recipes

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