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Save money in bakery fillings

We know that your commercial objectives are always front-of-mind when formulating a new product or optimising a bakery filling recipe. When you work with Ingredion, we’ll help you find holistic solutions that take into account functionality, eating experience and cost optimisation.

Create bakery fillings with the texture consumers love, without compromising on profitability. Discover Ingredion’s range of texturising solutions that deliver quality and functionality while allowing you to optimise your recipe costs.

How can we help?

Contact our experts today to find the right ingredient for your needs.

Discover bakery fillings solutions

Whether you want to create the right creamy texture, optimise recipe costs, or reduce sugar to meet key consumer trends, Ingredion can help you find the solution for your needs. Discover our portfolio of innovative ingredient solutions for a wide range of bakery filling applications.

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Affordable bakery cream mix

Discover how to develop a cost-effective instant bakery cream recipe that offers good baking and freezing stability. Formulating with SWELY™ GEL Medium modified starch delivers the required performance at controlled cost.

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Ingredient solutions 

Our range of innovative ingredients allow you to create bakery fillings that balance affordability and performance with an indulgent eating experience. Speak to us today to find the right solution for your needs or order a sample online. 

N-CREAMER 2230 starch
N-CREAMER® 2230 starch 

This highly cost-effective emulsifier and viscosifier ensures best emulsion stability and cream homogeneity, even during baking. 

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SWELY Gel Medium modified starch
SWELY™ GEL Medium modified starch* 

Create a creamy texture profile in yellow cream bakery fillings, while delivering the required performance at a controlled cost.

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SWELY Gel 100 modified starch

SWELY™ GEL 100 modified starch*

This cost-effective texturising solution for instant bakery fillings offers good process and freezing stability and is ideal for yellow cream fillings.

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THERMTEX modified starch
THERMTEX® modified starch

Derived from waxy maize, this starch provides high performance to firm fillings thanks to its very good process stability.

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Where next?

I want to reformulate but need help

  • Finding the right ingredient for your bakery filling formulation can be a challenge. Our team of experts are ready to support you and help you find the solution that meets your objectives.

I want to sample ingredients

  • If you know which ingredient you need in your formulation you can request a sample quickly and simply online. Use our 'how to choose' tools to find the product you are looking for. 
* Only available in the UK, Africa, Turkey and the Middle East
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