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Delicious Bakery

Do your cakes, muffins, donuts, crackers, cookies and cereal bars bring smiles of delight to your consumers’ faces? Do they munch through their sandwiches and crunch through their crackers and snacks with gusto? With our wide range of specialty starches, sweeteners, functional flours, fibres and resistant starches, as well as our gluten-free and clean label starches, we will always rise to your expectations. And so will your baked goods. We can help you with ingredient selection from concept to scale-up and onto the bakery or supermarket shelf. Our chefs and technical experts will help you understand how our ingredients can add value to your recipes. We’ll ensure you tick all the boxes with your consumers. 

  • Add that extra crisp or crunchiness to your snacks, creating exciting new textures never tasted before with our BAKA SNAKTM, ULTRA-CRISPTM CS, NATIONALTM 5730, NATIONALTM 298 FG, NATIONALTM 208, CRISPIOCATM starches.
  • Enhance softness and moistness to add more deliciousness, extend shelf-life and enhance the freshness of your cakes and soft cookies. Even improve batter rheology with QUIK TEX™ 3331 and H-50 starches.
  • Make your donuts softer, even more delicious, chewy and fun with our NATIONALTM 138 starch.    
  • Enhance your gluten-free, high end baked goods recipes, delivering ultimate eating enjoyment and shelf-life stability, with TEXFLO™ 3630 starch.
  • Boost the nutrition of everyday foods – without changing the tastes and textures consumers love, with HI-MAIZETM resistant starch.
  • Formulate on-trend, clean label and gluten free foods, rich in texture and taste with our NOVATIONTM functional native starches and our HOMECRAFTTM Create Multifunctional flours.

Deliver soft, moist, egg-free cakes with a texture and eating quality of traditional cakes with our NATIONALTM 89 ER starch.

Formulate high quality fruit and cream fillings for pies, cakes and pastries with simple ingredients listings using our NOVATIONTM functional native starches.

Boost the nutrition of your bread, cereals and snacks by enhancing the fibre content and achieving the differentiated nutrition claims consumers want with our HI-MAIZETM resistant starches.

Reduce sugar in your cakes and cookies to allow “sugar free” or “reduced sugar” claims with our BIOLIGOTM and SWEETISTM sweeteners.

Reduce the fat in your bakery fillings and the eggs in your cakes without affecting the taste, texture, shelf-life or visual appeal of your bread, cakes and snacks with our NATIONALTM 89ER starch. Save money too.

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Learn more about HI-MAIZE® 
resistant starches

Boost the nutrition of your bread, cereals and snacks by boosting fibre and achieving the differentiated nutrition claims consumers want.

See what our texture capabilities can do for your snacks

This video on "The 17 secrets of snack textures" shows how you can match a market standard or create your own unique texture.

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